How Do I Shut Up A Loud Co-worker?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about loud coworker:

I’m looking for advice on handling a distracting coworker. I’m a consultant, not an employee, so my complaint options seem somewhat limited. I work in Information Technology, in a high-walled cubicle environment. We cannot see our coworkers, but can hear them if the volume is loud enough. There is a really loud guy here, and he becomes louder when he gets on the phone, which is frequently. He spends 1 – 3 hours a day on the phone conducting personal business, much of which is extremely personal. He also will visit the woman in the cube behind mine daily, usually for 20 – 30 minutes, again discussing topics of an intense personal nature. I’m unwillingly informed on his every health detail, his kid’s problems with the Social Services department, sexual functionality issues, the nature and times of his fiancée’s menstrual cycle – the list is endless.

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How Can I Get My Boss To Honor Religous Absence?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about release for religious holidays: My manager signed off on this. When I called in to inform I was in a musical play this Easter, HR manager said I should show up for work.

I participate in a musical for my church every Easter and Christmas. Because of this I filled out an availability form with my employer, indicating that I could not work before 1:00 p.m. on Sundays. My department manager signed off on it and it was entered into my file.

This Easter on the instructions of my Human Resource Manager I called in two hours early and informed my store manager that I planned to take the day off When asked why, I told him honestly that it was Easter Sunday and explained about the Musical.

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Can I Stop Verbal Abuse By A Brother?


I’ve been reading about verbal abuse and so many times it applies mostly to romantic or parental abuse, but there is another form of abuse that is forgotten, and that is when a sister is verbally abused by a brother. Unfortunately, this abuse conditions her for future abuse. I have been helping a friend who runs a not-for-profit organization. While I knew he had some emotional issues, they were not causing any problems at the time. I have since been able to get for him a huge amount of publicity for his cause – and now things have changed. He has become argumentative, critical, hangs up on me, or answers the phone but does not speak. Could you please include some help for those who volunteer so they don’t have to be on this merry go round too. Thank you.

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Evaluation–All As and One B

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a difficult coworker.                                         :

I was recently given my evaluation where I received all A’s except for 1 B. (A being the highest and D the lowest). My work product and performance are excellent according to the attorney I work for. The problem was the B where there is this one coworker on our team that I don’t get along with because she refuses to be trained (although everyone else has) and asks me to do the things that she refuses to be trained on. She always does this via email and has gone to my immediate supervisor to say that I am unapproachable. Any advice?

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My mother, an insurance agent who owns her own business, is dealing with an issue between 2 employees, Jules and Ann. Jules wrote an email to my mother to make a complaint. This email called Ann a “Nazi” and there were other phrases in the letter that completely tore apart Ann, who is the office manager. The problem is, Jules sent this email to other employees in the office. My first question is, does Ann have any legal right to sue Jules for defemation of character and the second is, was sending this email to my mom’s employees in the office enough grounds for my mother to fire Jules?

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Falsely Accused of Harassment


I’ll get right to the point: I’ve been falsely accused of sexual harrasment at work. Now, this individual is watching my private “online” life as well in order to search for evidence. I get so angry everytime I hear about it in the local rumor mil that I just want to quit but I know that would just give them the satisfaction of seeing me ousted. The bosses are not on my side and so far there has been no official word. What should I do?


Job in Jeopardy


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Delivering A Poor Performance Review

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about giving a bad review:

I am required to carry out a poor performance interview about rudeness, poor timekeeping, failure to wear the correct corporate uniform and not providing the information requested. What is the procedure and are there any performance improvement procedures I could use?

Signed, Conveyer Of Bad News

Dear Conveyer Of Bad News:

You don’t say why you are required to do a performance interview? Who ever is required to supervise this individual should have conveyed corrective advice at the time of the infraction. Was that done? If so, how did the individual react and was there improvement? Also you don’t say how long this person has been employed?

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Set Up By Managment to Be Fired


I have a new boss, and my old senior RDO quit in March. The new boss has made racial comments and now has had other employees call and make false accusations in order to get me out of the company. I have worked 3 years for this company and worked hard to get from being a cook to a excutive director. I am on leave, for the alligations, but during an HR meeting, they told me I was set up to fail by my previous SRDO. I rebutted with witnesses to the actions of the employees seeking revenge and also told them of my senior executive director’s racial comments. I am still on leave even though they told me I am cleared of the other charges. What can they do to me now? How else can I fight this? Should I go ahead and quit? Should I get a lawyer now?

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Supervisor attacked by an employee on a worksite

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being physically attacked:

I’m a super at a job site in Las Vegas and two days ago an employee in my crew jumped off his equipment and started beating me, saying I crossed the line. What line that is I have no idea. As he beat me, he yelled, “Get up so I can do you again”, then lifted me up like a wet rag. The owner showed up on site and told me to go home for the weekend and said he would be firing the employee. But I have learned that that hasn’t happened. Where do I go from here? I can’t go back to work always looking over my shoulder and worried about giving directions that this might happen again.

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Asked Too Much About OB Leave Date

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about expected birth date:

Is it legal for employers/supervisors to constantly ask when your OB DR. will be restricting your work or “putting you out”.

Signed, Tired of being asked

Dear Tired of being asked:

It would be frustrating to be asked frequently about your leave date, but it is not illegal unless some aspect of it is a violation of EEO laws regarding making your work life harassing, clearly based on your gender or pregnancy status.perhaps you can lessen the asking somewhat. Get a letter that states exactly when you will be likely to leave. Don’t rely on your verbal statements, instead get the letter. Have your doctor put in the letter what work restrictions you’ll have before then, if any.Then, submit the letter and explain how frustrating it is to be asked over and over about it. Say that you will be working right until you need to leave.If you have already submitted such a letter, ask if there’s a reason they keep discussing it with you.

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