A VP Has Been Given My Project And I’ve Been Shut Out. What Now?

Question: A project I have been the sole worker on for two years now is getting a revamp and a new partner. Previously, the project was a major part of my job responsibilities and I called all the shots. With the revamp, I now must answer to a VP at the company, located in another state, who is now calling all the shots.

She shot down many of my ideas, which I understand is part of working on a team. But ultimately, she gives the green light on everything about the revamped project without much input from me.
What was once a very productive and inspiring part of my job is now controlled by someone else with more seniority, leaving me without any say-so. Since she is a VP, and I’m a coordinator (~2 years out of college), I feel that calling her up and “asking” to have more responsibility is pointless. Any advice? read more

Do I Have Rights About Headaches From Fragrances?

Our boss has asked everyone to stop with the perfumes and other sprays as people have problems with this. I get really bad headaches-migraines and so do other people in our house. This is still happening and my boss is not doing anything about it. I have let her know this is still happening and that I have a migraine due to this and need to leave work for this reason. I do not feel like I should have to use my sick time or lose pay for this reason. Do I have any rights?

Should I Tell My Boss About Rumors?

I was approached by upper management about rumors of a suspected romantic relationship between my boss and his now ex-boss who left the company several weeks ago. Both of the accused are married.

I understand the rumors – they traveled a lot for work, often driving long distances together, and he’s out of the office a lot since his ex-boss is no longer employed by same company. However, there is no evidence at all that anything has happened.

I have been asked specifically if I knew of anything that would incriminate either or if I had anything to share. I honestly don’t. And even being brought into personal affections between two of my coworkers, that I was clueless about beforehand, has really made me uncomfortable.
I am inclined to let it die on its own but what are your thoughts? Do I speak up and let my boss know there are rumors? Do I share the awkward conversation with HR? What’s one to do? read more

My Promotional Interview Was A Sham, Now What?

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about what to do when it seems
the results of a promotional interview were determined ahead of time. 

I have been an employee for a local government organization for almost ten years now. A promotional opportunity opened up and everyone who has worked with me or is working with me told me that I am best qualified for this step up. I have a flawless work record, outstanding work performances, I have been at that location the longest, I get along great with everyone, etc….. So there is no reason why I shouldn’t be promoted. read more

My Husband’s Assistant Is Trying To Stake Her Claim to Him

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about an
administrative assistant who treats her boss’s wife discourteously. 


My husband has had a new female assistant for a couple of months. For the way our life was structured I had to give up to my life and become a supportive wife and mother, a job I have carried out with dedication and passion. Our life situation has now forced me to live away from my husband to follow-up on the children’s education.

I went back home during the holiday and met his assistant for the first time. I was unhappy about the choice and would rather have had a man, however, I very kindly welcomed her. After a few days she seemed to be pushing me out of what she considers her territory. She said things I consider completely inappropriate. For example: I wished her a happy new year and she replied, “First thing, we are going to fix Peter’s health this year.” (As if she was part of his personal life and thought I wasn’t taking care of him as I should, as his wife.) read more

Good Feeling Workplace Moment: Daily Greeting and Farewell From Boss

I want to share a good feeling workplace moment that I noticed while I was doing business in an office. As I was talking to a person at a counter, a woman who appeared to be a manager, came down the line of employees and briefly said goodbye to each person. When she got to the employee who was helping me, she paused a bit, looked at me and said, “Forgive me for interrupting you, I just wanted to say goodbye to Veronica before I leave for the day. Are you getting everything taken of as you need?” read more

What Should I Do About Coworkers Who Abuse and Misuse Overtime?


My department is very small and very loosely managed by a woman who is additionally in charge of a larger department. This means she is too busy to monitor us, so we are in charge of deciding our own projects and overseeing our own work.

This manager has delegated the approval of overtime to the person who has been at the company the longest (25 years) and is the most trusted. She signs off on it without actually checking if the projects were completed or even legit (they are not). This allows my co-worker to falsify how much overtime he is doing, and he allows his buddy to do the same. Last month they each claimed 40 hours of overtime, the legal limit. read more

Can My Husband And A Coworker Be Fired For Their Affair?


My husband had an affair back in September 2016. He ended up getting the woman pregnant and continues to have a relationship with her while we are still married. I have contacted her and she knows that he is married and she doesn’t care. They both work at the same company, he works at a site in another state and she works at the corporate office in another state. If I report them to HR, could they both get fired?


Whether your husband and the woman with whom he is involved could be fired for having an affair, would depend upon the rules and policies of the employer and the work roles and respective status of the two of them. read more

How Do I Get Over Being Attracted To My Manager?

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about
feeling attracted to a manager but wanting to get over it. 



I am happily married and find myself attracted to my manager. I started this job 6 months ago and a couple months in, found myself attracted to his personality. Since I first realized the attraction it has grown stronger on my part to the point I think I am more infatuated than anything. I suspect, although I am not sure, that he may feel the same way. Nothing inappropriate has been said or has happened, just to clarify. I find myself wanting to know if he feels the same way, mainly for egotistical reasons. I also know that I will never know. The main problem that has arisen from all this is that my feelings for him have become quite intrusive on my personal life. I think about him constantly if I am not at work. My thoughts are distracting me from my marriage, children, and my life in general. This has been going on for over two months now. What do I need to do to get myself straight and get my life back together? I have not spoken about this to any of my friends as this is quite embarrassing read more

Is Asking An Age Question On An Application Discriminatory?

A Company just moved to my city and there were many news articles about the 2000 well-paying jobs being added to the region. I applied online and went through the steps inputting information. When I got to the 3rd or 4th step, I was asked if I was over 19 and under 40. You could not go on without answering this question. I am over 40 and never received any response. I believe this is illegal and discriminates on the basis of age. How can a company blatantly discriminate like this? I did have all the qualifications for the position I applied for. read more