Should Still Be My Job

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a boss
assigning coworker’s my tasks:

I am an engineer working for an oil and gas company and have been in this position for quite some time. I have been in my current project for about 2 years with same boss. He has allocated my tasks to my coworkers without any consultation

There is one particular task which I was running with for quite some time. My boss has attempted to assign the task to one my coworkers. I have spoken to him and explained my frustration for the lack of consultation prior to his pulling the task away from me. I told him that I would like to keep working on the same task. He denied that he assigned the task to some else and explained to me that is a misunderstanding.

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Unplugging A Clogged Toilet

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a dirty assignment:

Yesterday, I found out that the manager at a Wendy’s burger joint had my daughter unplug a toilet only using a latex glove on her hand because they did not have a plunger. This is my daughters first job and she knows the whole routine of being at the bottom of the totem pole, but to have someone stick their hand wearing only a latex glove on it into a toilet with human feces urine and blood! I don’t think it’s right.

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Climate of Fear

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about loss of those charged with a managing a department.

Our department is under the microscope for not stopping the students from protesting. Our Interim Assistant Director re-applied for the position that he had for three years. The Director resigned due to the overwhelming pressure from the Administrators. The hiring manager is the Vice President of Student Affairs. She gave us false assurance that he would get the job. She did a complete turn around and told our Assistant Director that he had until December 31 (1 week) to pack up and leave his keys behind. It’s now January 16 and he received a letter that they decided not to fill the position.

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Boss Called My Wife a Bad Name Behind her Back, But No Action Taken. What Now?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a rude and obscene comment
made by a manager, behind an employee’s back. 


My wife took a problem to her manager, in front of other co-workers. They took care of the issue. After my wife walked out the door, her manager called her a “fucking bitch” in front of three other co-workers. She found out through other co-workers that it happened. It was brought to the attention of HR, but nothing has happened since then! There was to be a meeting, but it hasn’t happened yet, and it was reported three weeks ago.   What can we do about this?

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Can She Be Disciplined?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a boss blocking the door:


I was recently in a situation where one of my superiors took me into another room to have a word with me as she thought I had ignored her. I was upset and wanted to remove myself from the situation as she got quite nasty and I was already upset. As I opened the door she blocked it with her foot and side of her body so I couldn’t get out.  I was, at this stage, panicking crying and just wanted to get out. I had to place both hands round the door handle and use my full body strength to get the door open past her. This has left me feeling incredibly upset. What can I do as now I feel incredibly upset and vulnerable having to work with her.  It’s awful and she has serious issues ..but I don’t think her managers will take this seriously.  Or will they?

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Saying My Supervisor Was a Fu&3ing wa€#er

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about badmouthing your supervisor:

So I had a meeting with a condescending supervisor. I got angry and was in the canteen, I wasn’t shouting but I said loudly that the supervisor was a fu&3ing wa€#er. There was another manager around the corner who heard. I’m sure this will go back to my manager. I did apologise to him for the way I behaved. What do I do in this instance? I told my manager I was angry in the canteen. But didn’t tell her what I said.

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Fixing Workplace Hostility

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a toxic environment:

I finished university just over a year ago and applied for a finance position at the head office of one of the UKs top firms. One of the managers (my future line manager) came across as a little odd in the interview. I kind of brushed it off as just him putting his foot in it awkwardly. I got offered the job and started a few weeks later.

So, I turned up on my first day and straight away there was hostility from two of my work colleagues (we are a team of 5) and that manager. From receiving the evil glares, to being abrupt with me, to laughing whenever I talk despite the fact my comments are normal, to trying to isolate me, giving me the silent treatment, gas lighting about having favourites, abusive comments just ambiguous enough for me to have nothing solid to complain about, trying to bait and antagonise me, to co-opting other people into the games against me. I have been enduring all this for a year with no improvement in my circumstances.

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Boss Expects Me To Carpool and Clean Houses With A Person Who Threatened Me. What Can I Do?


I clean houses for a living and my boss recently hired a person to help me, as the houses are large. This person has showed up to work visibly high and smelling of alcohol on multiple occasions. I have reported this, as well as many other issues to my boss, to no avail. Tonight I asked this co-worker to stop doing illegal things in my car as we carpool, as a result this co-worker began threatening me, calling me names, and chasing me down a hallway shouting, all while I was on the phone with our boss. However, despite all this, my boss still refuses to fire them and still expects me to carpool with them. Do I have any options other than finding a new job? Also, if it makes a difference, my boss is the owner of the company.

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Boss Discriminating Against Me

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a new work situation in which a boss is perceived as unfair and demanding:

To just give you the back story, I was working at a company which bought another company, and I got transferred to this new merger. Since the day of my transfer, people at acquisition have been causing lot of troubles for me.

There is one old lady who is friend of VP. She doesn’t like me. She’s is very powerful in this new merger because of this VP, who is also from new acquisition. She yells at me, withholds information, and treats me badly.

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Abuse in a Family Owned Business

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about abuse in a family-owned business:

I have worked in a family-owned business for a several years, since I was in high school. I am currently in college now, and I help out when I have free blocks and days off in my schedule. I work alongside with my mother, who is the owner of the business.

In the beginning, things seemed OK, but as times progressed, it has gotten worse. She treats me differently than the other employees (I am her daughter after all).The way she treats me is pretty cruel. She constantly screams at me to get things done, when I am trying to do it, and if I make a mistake, she gets on me more compared to the other workers. For instance, she will scold an employee for about 3 to 5 minutes, but for me it can go up to more than an hour.

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