Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about bully manager and discrimination: they constantly belittle me and talk down to me, and the manager just laughs with them.

I have been working in a new job for three weeks now. I don’t mind hard labor. The rule book lists things you are not supposed to do. I followed them, but the manager constantly belittles, talks down, and has even shoved me a few times. The employees themselves crack explicit jokes about me and tease me about my beliefs. Yet out of respect to the manager and the workers, I say nothing because they would cut me off. The manager happens to be friends with the other managers and the owner as well, so I have no other choice but to leave.

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Boss Spreads Rumors About Me and a Coworker


My husband works in the same department as me. We also share the same groupleader. Our boss is the type of person who acts nice to your face then knifes you in the back. I am a very social person and certain job duties have me talking with various people on a shop floor in an open setting. I do chat with one male coworker who shares some common duties with me but that is all that there is to it. We have never talked about anything inappropriate, only small talk, and have never communicated with one another (or met with one another) outside the workplace. My groupleader and another friend of his have made embarrassing comments about this in front of other people while I was there and now he has also been planting seeds of doubt in my husband’s mind about what is going on. This has now spilled over into suspicion, fights and turmoil in my marriage. I have been considering consulting a lawyer on this one. I turned another coworker in for spreading lies to HR before and our HR department doesn’t really seem to take these things seriously. How should I proceed??? Thanks for your help!

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Daughter Harassed

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about daughter being verbally harassed by some employee.

My daughter works at Dunkin Donuts and is being verbally harassed by some employees. She’s reported it to the manager and the district manager and nothing is still yet to be done. She left work today crying all the way home because of the way she’s treated. They called her a bitch among other names. She’s very depressed over the situation. She already has a depression issue and is on meds for that. Every time she goes to work, I get text messages telling me that they are all ganging up on her verbally. She’s a basket case. What can be done since management isn’t doing anything?

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Female Coworker Dresses Inappropriately

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about inappropriate dress:

This may be a problematic thing to ask, but here goes. As a guy how should I deal with a female coworker dressing inappropriately? I work for a government agency that involves a lot of outdoor work so it is not uncommon for women in the field to dress to be comfortable. There is a dress code for everyone, but a female coworker I work with wears unprofessional clothes (short shorts and very low cut tank tops) in the office as well as the field. The problem is that sometimes it’s too revealing.

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Was Sent A Nasty Photo

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about an obscene message: One sent the picture; the other is in the picture doing the fuck u finger hand sign!

On /5/5, two coworkers sent me a picture. One sent the picture; the other is in the picture doing the fuck u finger hand sign! I called Hilton corporate office talk to the Regional Director of HR and they are now attacking me with words. I had an emotional break down at the doctor’s office! I don’t know what to do or go back to this job. All I want is for them to stop!

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Sexual Harasment Stinks

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a boss’ attention: My boss has always been really creepy towards me and constantly follows me around, and lately he has been commenting on my perfume.

My boss has always been really creepy towards me and constantly follows me around, and lately he has been commenting on my perfume. I have been wearing the same perfume for about a year and just recently he decided he didn’t like it. He told me it was hurting his eyes and irritating his allergies so I stopped wearing it. A few days later he told me it was irritating him again, when in fact, I didn’t have any on. He even proceeded to smell my bare skin and told me it’s “the soap I use in the shower.” Ever since then everyday he comments on my perfume, when I am not wearing any, and have told him this many times and he asks other coworkers what they think behind my back. He seems to be the only one with the problem. Is this sexual harassment?

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Sexually Harrased and Yelled At

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about sexual harassment and verbal abuse: He asks me to turn around so he can look at my butt. He has smacked it twice…

I work for someone who says inappropriate comments all the time to me. He asks me to turn around so he can look at my butt. He has smacked it twice now (with papers-but still not wanted) he always is dropping things on purpose trying to get me to bend over to see my top when I bend down. I never know how to react. I always end up doing an awkward laugh because of how uncomfortable I feel.On a good day he is a nice guy and has helped with me with a lot. I like my job and don’t want to leave, but I know if I would say anything then I could no longer work here. Plus he has a lot of money and I am sure there is no way I’d win in a court battle. But on top of the harassment, he also screams and yells and me the minute I do something wrong. He can never have a normal conversation with you. I feel like I am at a dead end…

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Is it Sexual Harassment?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about sexual harassment:

My boss’s wife who works in the office, has been asking other co-workers if I am sleeping with her husband….Is this sexual harassment?

Signed, Worried

Dear Worried:

Apparently your coworkers have told you about the question by your boss’s wife. She can’t be guilty of workplace harassment because she doesn’t work there. However your coworkers might charged with sexual harassment if they start making fun of you or frequently repeating her accusations. You should talk to an attorney about the legalities of the situtation and what are your options.

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My Supervisor Is Trying To Blackmail Me!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about threats to obtain sexual photos:

I’ve been employed at my job for 7 months. I recently got out of a relationship with the owner of the company. We were secretly seeing each other for 3 months and have known each other for 5 years. I know now it was the wrong thing to do. I have recently sought God and am now a born again Christian.

The problem is after three months since the break up my supervisor, who is good friends with the owner, has targeted me. He told me he knows about me and the owner’s past relationship. I have told no one about our relationship. My supervisor described very intimate details in a text message to me and then asked me to go to the bathroom and take pictures of my breast through text messaging. I told him I couldn’t.

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Coworker Went From Inappropriate to Mean!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about sexual advances and verbal abuse:

My coworker used to make sexual advances towards me, asking why I wouldn’t sleep with him and when was I gonna sleep with him and saying how bad he wanted to sleep with me.One night at work he got upset with me about something pertaining to the job and he told me he would never speak to me again. That was about two months ago and he hasn’t said much of anything to me.The other night at work a coworker of ours told me that he said “Fuck that Bitch” referring to me, and he also said he knows I talk about him too, although I don’t.Later that evening we got into a verbal altercation and he called me ugly and told me my teeth were big. He also stated he would only have sex with me from the back with a bag over my head. What do I do now?

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