Not A Doctor But On Call Like It Or Not

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being treated like an all-around any time servant
What should I do? I work in Tennessee which is an AT WILL STATE! I’m the safety attendant at my job and my manager has me doing maintenance jobs i.e. taking out the trash and taking care of maintenance issues. These are not in my job description but it does say I am supposed to do duties as assigned by the manager! I was unaware until I was needed at another property and was told half the jobs I did were not my place to do! read more

Can My Husband Be Fired for Having An Affair at Work (And Should I Tell?)

A question to the Workplace Doctors about reporting a husband
who is having an affair at work. 


Question: My husband is the president of a company and has recently started an affair with one of his direct report managers. He is denying it but I have evidence- it’s been going on 7 weeks.

He has managed to negotiate a $12K pay rise for her literally 2 weeks after they first slept together. This was backed up all the way by my husband- even going over the head of the HR manager to get them to offer his mistress more money. I am really thinking of contacting HR and my husband’s bosses (who own the company) to tell them what’s going on. I think it’s bad enough having a relationship like this but adding in the salary increase is dishonest. He might get a pay out or he might not…but I want him to lose his job as I feel it’s the only chance we have of saving our marriage of 14 years and our family of 3 young sons. read more

Resignation Soon After a Business Trip

A question to the Workplace Doctors:  How can I give my resignation soon after an expensive business trip? 


Hello! I’ve been thinking and saving up so I can leave my job and move to another city at the end of this year. I’m very close to my goal amount, and I’ve been planning for this for a while now.

This month I was chosen to join a business presentation and to attend trade shows for a week in our head office in Japan, and everything was charged to the company. I had no choice but to go, and needless to say the trip didn’t really made me change my mind about resigning at the end of the year – it even made work stressful when I got back. read more

How To Warn About Bad Reference

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a potentially bad reference:

How do I warn a potential employer that my current work may not give a great reference?”


I work in a very small field and my company has a high turnover rate. I have a job interview with a similar company. I KNOW that this new company will want some sort of reference from my current company (whether it be supervisor, coworker), but no one will do so because now they are closely watching and people recently got in trouble for referring former employees. read more

Unpaid For Vacation Time When I Resigned

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about not  being unpaid for vacation time upon resignation: 

I have a signed check that shows vacation hours at 264 hours and a letter from the accounting department stating sales staff can roll over their vacation hours annually. For my final paycheck, however, the owner is stating that per the employee handbook you cannot roll over vacation time. My final paycheck was short prior year’s vacation hours. I have not deposited the check and did not sign the document showing the reduced hours. I live in Colorado. Do I have any leg to stand on? read more

Fired for Dishonesty

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about termination due to dishonesty: What is considered dishonest behavior?

What is considered dishonest behavior if you are terminated for begin accused of making a statement.

Signed, Out

Dear Out:

I assume you are talking about being fired for lying. Right? Description of the circumstances of this situation to which you refer is so absent that it’s difficult for me to offer an opinion, but I imagine you are asking about what evidence should an employer have if he/she fires you. Good management would want the most reliable evidence possible, such as written or testimony hearsay that the accused lied. read more

Job Threatened If One More Mistake

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about poor performance:

I was recently called in by my supervisor and the department supervisor and told my performance was subpar and since he had given me previous warnings I would have to sign a paper saying if I made another mistake I would be terminated. I am one of four proofreaders in the department and mistakes have been made by all of us. These mistakes have been discussed with me by my supervisor but were never put in a personal context and I was never told by him that I needed to improve or my job would be in jeopardy. read more

Employment Contract Concerns

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about incompetence:

I am working for a foreign donor-funded project in Kenya and the foreign boss insists that I am incompetent for the job and that I should not be working for the project, once uttering these words right in front of my peers, but in my absence. My Kenyan bosses are in a dilemma because they may not have sufficient grounds to terminate my 3 year contract, now 9 months gone. According to the contract I only qualify for my entitlements upon successful completion of the stipulated 3 year contract period. The situation is frustrating and uncertain for me. I need your advice. read more


Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about unpleasant climate: How do I cope with this until I find another job?

I work for a small office and all of the owners four of them are constantly yelling about each other and to other employees. The constant arguing, complaining, yelling and cursing make me very anxious and dread going to work every day. How do I cope with this until I find another job?

Signed, Until

Dear Until:

You are wise to seek work elsewhere. It is unlikely that anything you might do could change the behavior of four owners who apparently have such a pattern as you describe. Can you survive until you find other employment? Yes, I predict you can. Can you not hate to go to work? Probably you will continue to wish you didn’t have to go, but the fact is that many people endure difficult working conditions; from hateful bosses and/or coworkers to unsanitary/unsafe environments. read more

Fired and No Vacation Pay

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being fired and got no vacation pay: Is this right?

My boss wanted to have a meeting and when I got there he was at the bar drinking and wanted me to drink too. Then it moved up to his office with the manager, my boss and me. I got mad and left. Then the next day when I came to work, he replaced me and never paid me my 1 week vacation.

Signed, Out Without


Dear Out Without:

Apparently you and your boss were not drinking buddies. The meeting you were called to must not have gone well. You don’t explain why you got mad and left. Now you have no job and no vacation pay. You can check with your company’s Human Resources to learn if you worked there long enough to get vacation pay. If you do, you can request it. read more