Rude Communications At Work

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about rude communications at work:

“Any suggestions for how to stop nastiness and rude communications in the workplace?”

I am a Process Leader in the claims dept. of a health insurance company. Over the past 6 months or so we have been overwhelmed with an abundance of claims. With a new product that we went live with in January, it caused our paper claims volume to go up and our processing time to go down.

During these past few months, the atmosphere as been null to say the least. Employees are nasty and speak rude to one another. I won’t deny that they are stressed and overworked as overtime has been mandatory for some months now. read more

Called A Snitch

A question for Ask the Workplace Doctors about being called a snitch. 

“There are rumors of me being a snitch, but I’m not. What can I do?”

There have been rumors of me being a snitch and that is causing my seventeen coworkers to have very negative work attitudes towards me. Twelve of those are very close to each other. They talk very condescending towards me and many do not want to work with me. Several of them have actually gone to complain to the supervisor about my work ethic. read more

Watched at Work and Verbally Abused–Am I Being Paranoid?

A Question for Ask the Workplace Doctors regarding being watched at work and verbally abused:
My computer is being hacked and people are saying things about me. 


I have been in my role for 5 1/2 years now. Several times I have heard them say things like “we have to record her work” or “we have to record everything she does.” For the past one to two years I have noticed random mouse movements on my screen where they menu on the software moves down or I try and move my mouse and an abusive comment is made as they can’t move the mouse. read more

Top Performer Misbehaving

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about inappropriate behavior of top performer

A top performer in my team misbehaves a lot in meetings. Also at times, he doesn’t follow orders. Even though I have given him several warnings, he has still not changed his attitude. I do not want to throw him out as his numbers help me a lot, but his behavior gives a wrong signal to the other team members who are also starting to behave in the same way. Please suggest.

Signed, Manager

Dear Manager:

Let’s reword your question and change your title to coach: You have a player, who makes more points than other players, but sometimes doesn’t follow your game plan. You have given him warnings, but his attitude has not changed and the other players are beginning to behave in the same troublesome way as your star. read more