Does your company have anything to do with Jason Taylor?


Just Wonder


Dear Just Wonder:

Sorry, no. We answer questions from employees pertaining to wokrplace communication. Scan our Q&As and you won’t find a reference to Jason Taylor.

William Gorden

righ or wrong


i have completed my M.A.,M.PHIL


No question


Dear No question:

I’m sorry but it might be that your question to us did not come through as you intended. I’ve attached it back to you as we see it, which you can tell is not a question but rather just one statement. If you want to contact us, go back to the site and use the question box again. Or, you can reply to this email and we’ll ensure you receive an answer to your question.

Tina Lewis Rowe

Focus Only On Work: Right or Wrong?


I would like to know if it is okay for me to only be focused on my work and not speak to anyone unless I needed something or to say hello and goodbye. If I were to behave in this matter, would I be considered stuck-up?


Yes Or No


Dear Yes Or No:

You know the answer to your question is, “Yes.” Working with others requires civil interaction and that means some small talk as well as talk about one’s work. My recent recommendation to an individual to “Focus on doing assignments effectively, and for the next couple of weeks, except for a smile and hello, communicate with coworkers only if and when you need to do your job” was made to change his/her focus from victim or provoking more bullying. And it was just one of several suggestions, since he/she was unsuccessful in reporting “the specifics of what was said, when, where, and by whom. Include what seemed to provoke each of them–what you did or didn’t do that led to the putdowns and grabbing/hitting.” In short, if bullied, I stated he/she needed to be assertive, but that hopefully if you for a short time would focus on work rather than on being a victim that the problems you had interacting with coworkers would not continue.

If that person is you has the abuse of the past continued? Did you take any of the several suggestions I made? If so, how have they worked out? Have you thought about what effort it would take from you to help your work groups to have big WEGOS? Have you made a genuine effort to be pleasant and friendly yet focused on doing assignments to the best of your ability? I hope so.

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Dear Jab:

Your question doesn’t seem to be addressed to us. Our site deals with workplace communication. Sorry.

William Gorden

Multinational Claiming To Be A Small Company


I work for a multinational company with offices around the world; however, in the part of the US that I work, the corporation created a company that have less than 50 workers and claims they are exempted from FMLA rules.


Is This Legal?


Dear Is This Legal?:

Apparently, you have reason to think the rules of Family Medical Leave Act should apply to you and/or your coworkers. Whether your company is within the law to so structure itself to be exempt from the FMLA rules is a legal matter that is beyond the expertise of our site. Should you need to investigate this matter, in addition to researching it via the Internet and your local library, this you might contact your state and federal departments of labor.

I’m sorry that we can’t help, but are interested if this is a purposeful dodge of a good regulation. read more

How to tell my parents that my brother is abusive

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about brother abuse:

Me and my brother use to get along fine but suddenly when my parents aren’t around my brother thinks that he has the right to either hit me numerous of times or cuss me out. Normally I don’t tell my parents actually I don’t cause I don’t want him to get in trouble. I use to be scared of him and tell the day I am. I don’t know what I should do. Can yall help ?

Signed, Scared

Dear Scared:

Our site answers workplace, not family questions; however, you need help. Your brother should not hit you. You know that is wrong, and if not stopped, it could result in serious injury. And more than that, if not stopped, your brother could grow up thinking that violence is the way to treat others; such as a wife and his own children. Even before that he could be injured in fights.You might think you are helping him by not reporting his abuse to your parents, but by not telling you probably are hurting him. He needs to learn to behave as a good brother, not a bully. Approach your parents, not in a tallying way, but with a serious request for their help. Don’t be shy about this. read more

False Accusations

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about involvement in a relationship on the job:

I met my boyfriend 3 years ago, we work together. At that time  was dating someone else and he cheated on me. I am now dating the person I work with, he was married at the time, and because there was no hope for me that he was going to leave his wife, I started making friends chatting to other guys because I was so confused and i didn’t want to be with a married man all my life. So he found out about it and was very upset, said that I am lying to him and that should have just been honest with him. There were a few times that  lied about stupid things, but never went out and met other people. I was really afraid because he was still married and used to go home to his wife every night. I felt like that was reason enough for me to be afraid of never having a future. read more

Pregnancy Leave Layoff

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about maternity discrimination:

My whole department is getting laid off. Most of my colleagues last day is on December and are getting a bonus for staying until then. Two of them are getting laid off in October with no bonus, including myself. I’m going on maternity on July. When I asked why I was getting laid off earlier with the colleagues that are newer to the company (unlike me), my boss told me that since I was going on maternity leave, they will already have a replacement for me. Is this discriminatory, to deny me the opportunity for two months of pay and a bonus I would have had otherwise? Or can they lay me off at will? read more

falsely accused of sexual harassment


As mentioned in my previous threads, I was accused of sexual harassment by a former friend. I was cleared, she was terminated, and I’m now moving to a different department (promotion) My company received a complaint from a government agency and now she’s adding that I hit her. My company gave me a copy of the complaint and advised me that they would take care of it. I’ve been quiet about all this but I am genuinely worried where this is all going. This employee was my best friend and when she was up for termination, I was so shocked that she made all this accusations. I want to move to a different company and put this all behind me but I feel like betraying the company after retaining me despite strict policies on sexual harassment. No affair ever occured between me and this employee, we were both supervisors but I always ended up doing her work and she had a long list of violations to company policies. Now she’s filed a formal complaint and has added new allegations, apparently, now she’s adding physical harassment to the list. What should I do snd how far can she take this? This person used to boasts that her mom received thousands just by filing lawsuits with different establishments so this is like telling me that she just wants money, it’s just sad that she’s so ruthless that it doesn’t matter who she steps on. read more