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For over two decades, Ask the Workplace Doctors, the site developed by William I. Gorden, Ph.D., of Kent State University, School of Communication Studies, has been a workplace communications resource for thousands of people from around the world. You can still count on us to provide practical, reasonable, useful and compassionate advice.

Ask the Workplace Doctors invites you to:
•Ask a question about your workplace communication problem.
(We cannot respond to medical questions–please talk directly to a medical professional.)
•Search for answers in our archive of over 3,000 questions and responses.
Share your “Good Feeling Workplace Moments”!

Use our question form to share a time when you, a coworker, a manager/supervisor or others did something that resulted in a good feeling workplace moment: Completing an assignment, working with a coworker, helping a customer, making a difficult ethical decision, encouraging someone when they needed it most, learning a new skill, solving a communication or conflict problem, etc.

Be as specific as possible with details of the when, where, what and who of a good feeling workplace moment. Describe the language and/or action. It need not be more than a paragraph or two, but longer stories are accepted. Just as we do with our Q&As, we will not disclose names or specific workplaces.

Ask the Workplace Doctors continues to be one of the most well-used workplace communications resources on the Internet. Thank you for participating with us!

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