A Feel Good Moment From Helping A Subordinate

I am faced with all kinds of wonderful challenges every day. Some days are tougher than others and I always keep in mind how important it is to help others as they are coming to me and my teams for assistance.

I recently had an employee approach me about getting an office set up at their home due to a sick spouse and wanting to be able to work from home on the chemo days. The employee understood prior to the request that we don’t tipically setup home office equipment for office workers and asked me to make an exception. They stated their spouse is very ill and would need to work from home to take care of the spouse on chemo days.I took this request and without hesitation and gave all brand new IT office equipment and even helped load the car. This employee was very appreciative of me going the extra mile and assisting with this very special request. Being an IT Support Service Manager there are things that you just have to make exceptions for and bend the rules to accommodate your employees. Had I not helped, this person would have continued to report to work daily while struggling at home trying to be productive. I made this person’s easier by going the extra mile and doing what I did.

In any future role you might take on after graduation or even now as you are working your way through school, it is so important to remember that people rely on you for things whether it’s a simple smile with a hello or giving them what they ask for while maintaining respect to their request. My line of work demands that I provide World Class Customer Service every moment of every day. By continuing to tell people no, you are causing a trickledown effect causing them to tell others in their life no. Always remember to play it forward┬Ł as the more you do this the more others will do it for you.