A Hobby Is Good Job Prep

Because I am a high school student and do not have a job yet, I chose a hobby of mine. Something that I picked up this past year has been filmography. Creating short videos of things both big and small, and then posting it on YouTube. The way this connects to other people, is obviously when they choose to watch a video I’ve made. Another is when they like, comment, share, or subscribe to my channel. When they respond positively,

I know that I am doing something right, be it, I’m inspiring them, or bringing them a smile. If they respond negatively, I know that the negative reactions come from one of two things: 1) I did something wrong, whether it is moral, political, etc. or 2) the reactor has a different opinion than my own. Another, I suppose, could just be the reaction of a spam/ troll account on YouTube…I enjoy this hobby and it allows me to express my creativity while also connecting with others.