Accusations of Drug Abuse?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about accused of drug use:

Just this morning at my workplace, which is a company within Corporate America, I was pulled aside by my supervisor and her supervisor. I was told that we need to call somebody within the Special Investigations Unit for our company and that there has been an ongoing investigation about me. The complaint against me was that I am using drugs and/or Alcohol at the workplace. This is completely untrue and I am having a hard time figuring out where these complaints are coming from. Due to confidentiality I am unable to find out who this is from; all I know is that it is from 1 person, not sure if its a female or male.

I have complete backing from my supervisor and her supervisor, they know me and had no doubt in their mind that I did nothing wrong, But the simple fact that this all happened really upsets me and I don’t see myself shaking this feeling. I would like to know what some of my options are, if any, at bringing this out to the forefront and to let people know that I do not need my name drug thru the mud. Also could this have anything to do with any sort of discrimination issue? Your quick response would be greatly appreciated, thanks for your time.

Signed, Falsely Accused

Dear Falsely Accused:

Seek the help of your supervisor and her supervisor because they brought this accusation to your attention. The Special Investigation Unit should give you a copy of its report, and, providing that this report declares that the accusation is untrue, that unit should clear your name. You have a right to inquire what evidence accompanied that accusation and if the one who falsely provided it has been or will be informed that unsubstantiated accusations are slander.

Check with your supervisor and HR to learn what is the discipline given to those who make false accusations. You may never learn who accused you, and if that is the case, live with it. Do let this fester within. Again focus on performing your job as or more professionally than before this incident.

From here, from what your describe of the accusation, we have no reason to think it would be related to discrimination.Will you let us know what you learn? Sharing from those in the trenches the details of such situations as yours is the way those who access our site find guidance for coping with the unexpected.WEGO is a symbol of cooperative harmonious workplaces. Would that we all would help that be realized.

William Gorden