Am At A Standstill

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about promotion: I want to give new ideas and my opinions because I believe it is what makes me the leader I am, but I do not know how to go about this in the right way; or if I should speak my mind at all.

My work place is a pub and eatery, so basically a restaurant that has a full bar. I am a server at this pub. I greet tables, fill drinks, order food, clear off tables, and make sure the pub quests are happy and well served. I have worked at this pub for seven months now. At my workplace, I am one of the top leaders and trainers. I have earned this by being consistent, being positive, having knowledge about the menu, and having energy.

However, now I am at a standstill. They will not promote me anymore because of my attitude. My boss says I challenge authority and I need to pick my battles, but I believe if it is something I have an opinion on and am passionate about I should be able to speak my mind. I know this has gotten me in trouble in the past but I am having trouble biting my tongue.

Since I am going off to be a principal in my future, I believe this “speak my mind “attribute will help me go far in my career, but for now it is getting me into trouble. Please give me some guidance on how to go about this issue. I want to give new ideas and my opinions because I believe it is what makes me the leader I am, but I do not know how to go about this in the right way; or if I should speak my mind at all. Your help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Signed, Got Strong Opinion

DearĀ Got Strong Opinion:

I know that a strong personality and being positive will get your far in life. It is an attribute that not many people naturally have. Hold onto those qualities. They will help you go far in life. However, right now you are not in the position of authority. Even though, I am sure your opinions do matter to your managers, you need to watch how you come across when you deliver them.

There is a difference between confidence and having an attitude. Make sure you are strong on your approach and confident in what you are saying, but remember you are not in charge. If they do not accept one of your ideas, that’s fine. Like your managers said, pick your battles. If it is something you feel that passionate about, then maybe you can push a little harder. If not, tell them thank you for your time and maybe next time.

You will in time earn authority, but you are not right now. Work hard, be consistent, but be disciplined and soon they will listen. To a similar question from an employee who was in a job for six months and wanted a raise, titled Frustrated about No Raise, Workplace Doctor Gorden suggested “Reflect on your communication skills. Are you a cheerful person to work near? Do you easily thank others? Are you self rather than other focused? Do you make coworkers and your boss’ job more effective and easier?”

To another question, How Can I Be Successful as A New Office Manager? Workplace Doctor Tina Lewis Rowe provided many ways to earn a boss’ approval, such as “Work to gain influence, which is always better than only authority. The components are: Be credible, be valuable and communicate personally and effectively.” And she added a creative way to make her work fun for others and herself: “Be the one who makes it fun to be there. Bring a camera and take photos of people with each other, with your boss, next to their cars (they’ll love those one day!) at meetings, with their computers and work items (those change a lot).

Send them the files and also share them with your boss if that would be appropriate. Feel like you’re lucky to work there and share that feeling with the others.” Do any of these suggestions make sense? We predict that you will find ways to make your voice heard in creative and constructive ways. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS.