Are My Hours Fair?


I work a Lowe’s home Improvement we just got a new store manager that made every employee fill out a new availability was told if you can work any hours that’s what you need to put are you will get talked to. So I put any 7 days a week. Well, the ones that put that on certain day they couldn’t work got the talk and was told that they need to be available 7 days a week. One co- worker told them she couldn’t and was cut to two days a week and that was not guarantee. But there is one that put down that she could not work weekends and she didn’t get the Talk. Is this favoritism? Is there something we can do about it?


What’s Fair


Dear What’s Fair:

Lowe’s has a new manager who is allowed to determine his or her staffing needs and requirements. First off, this “scheduling” of 7 days doesn’t necessarily mean you will work 7 days. There is no guarantee at Lowe’s anywhere for this. The same policy exists at Menard’s and Home Depot. The store manager can put any employee in any dept he/she deems necessary for the success of that store. This isn’t about favoritism since the manager’s pay is based on salary and bonus whereas the bonus is based upon store sales from the previous fiscal year. In cases such as the one you’re in it would be wise to operate in this fashion: If you want the boss to take care of you, then, take care of the boss’s needs. Put his or her needs before your own. You will either be rewarded or ignored. If rewarded then everything works out great, but if ignored then you can walk away knowing you gave your best and were a loyal and dependable employee. Try to trust others and not think of putting your own needs first.

The path to a WEGO thinking and acting workplace begins by each of us thinking and acting as if we owned the place.

Dan Kearney