Are There Best Practices For Same Work Stations?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about workspace:

Do you have any best practices on sharing workspace? The situation is in a call center were we would have one person using a cube during a day shift and one person using the same cube during a night shift. There would never be a time when both were on shift together. Any feedback?

Signed, Best???

Dear Best???:

Have you considered convening a representative committee of employees or cluster group to brainstorm the dos and don’ts that may sharing the same space from shift to shift best for each other? That would generate rules and practices that are psychologically owned by the users. It might also generate ideas for making the overall environment more effective and pleasant. Will you send us what you come up with? We can then pass it on. Working together is an on-going interdependent process that at its best I call WEGO.

William Gorden