Ask For More Money Than The Job Offers?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a second interview:

I am going for my second interview . The job pays less than I am making now, but, the job is in the field that I received my degree in last December. I have not been able to find any other offers that don’t want five or more years of experience. The job is in human resource. There is a review after six months. Thank you.

Signed, My Field Is HR

Dear My Field Is HR:

I would definitely go for the Human Resources position because that was your field of study and you have been trained to be a HR person! It may be difficult to make less than you are currently making but I believe you will quickly advance. Just the satisfaction of working in “your field” should be satisfying and rewarding. In doing so, you will gain the “work experience” which may be required the next higher position in which you will be interested. Best of luck. Think long term. Think of what is best for you. Think of what contribution you can make. Think WEGO. Gerald Allen

Gerald Allen