Attitude Problem

Questionto Ask the Workplace Doctors about being outspoken: How do I move up if I am perceived to have an attitude problem because I speak up?

Hello doctors! I have been having a problem at my workplace. I am a server for the my Pub and Eatery, and I have been the head trainer-server for a while. I am outspoken and very opinionated which I believe is the reason I got my promotion in the first place.

However, I’ve been trying to move up further in rank, but my managers say I have an attitude and challenge authority. How am I suppose to move up in ranks if I cannot share my opinions and ideas. I believe it is the reason I’ve gotten so far in the first place. Please give me some advice on what to do about this issue. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

Signed, Want To Move Up

Dear Want To Move Up:

Ambition! Good for you. You have a voice and apparently have used it–in outspoken and very opinionated ways. Obviously you are questioning if that has been wise. In short you feel it might have worked against you even though you have been a top trainers of servers. So now isn’t it time to back off from what hasn’t worked or might have worked against you?

Here are three approaches to consider:

1. Earn your right to speak by thinking of ways to cut wasted time, wasted supplies, wasted energy and wasted money. Make a list of these.

2. Listen to your tone and language. If it is abrupt and criticizing, re-frame what you say. Think questions rather than declarations. Ask, “Sara, would it be helpful if I…??? or “Am I doing this in a way that makes work for you easier?” or “How might we all make bigger tips, Carla?”

3. Ask the manager-boss for advice about your career. Frankly talk with her/him about what are your dreams and the practical matter of earning money for school. Don’t asked of more money. Ask for his advice on how you might make the pub more money. Do these thoughts make sense? Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS.

William Gorden