Walked Out

A question submitted to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a jealous coworker:

I had a coworker who literally hated me based on pure jealousy. He constantly treated me badly and even cursed me a few times for no reason. I went to management multiple times, even requested a transfer. They did nothing even when I recorded a conversation in which he attacked me every way possible for being a piece of s$&? In his opinion. Then he somehow got my pay stub from the office on payday, took photos and sent them to other employees because I was one of the highest paid. I eventually couldn’t take it anymore and walked out. Is there any course of action I can take, I’ve never been in such a horrible situation and want to make someone pay for the hardship this has caused me and my family.

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Don’t Tell Me Calling Me A Bitch Is Joking

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a subordinate’s rude behavior:

One of my (24f) colleagues at work (25m) is being very unfriendly at work and it’s starting to get to me but I don’t know whether it counts as bullying or not. Some of the things he does:

1) Ignores me, pulls faces and moves away from me when I speak to him.

1) Ignores me, pulls faces and moves away from me when I speak to him.

2) Calls me a b**ch and continues to even after multiple requests from me for him to stop. He tries to pass it off in a joking way.

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New Manager Assigned Me an Unfavorable Schedule

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctor about a manager purposely assigning an unfavorable schedule:

My new manager saw how much I earn and is punishing me for it. He has changed my schedule and that is very unfavorable for me, what can I do?


Dear Punished:

Managers have a great latitude to determine employees’ schedules. Their reasons for changes might include performance, supplies, equipment, sales and personnel needs/desires. Do you have evidence that your new manager is changing you to an unfavorable because he thinks you are paid too much or too little? Might you think this is based on discrimination against your race, national origin, sex, religion, age, or another reason? 

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Not Lucky in Love

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about dating a coworker:

I’m a young college student who isn’t very lucky when it comes to love. I got over my fears and ask out my co-worker. I have very strong feelings for her and decided to take the gamble of dating a co-worker. I sat down at the restaurant on my day off and she was my waitress. I gave her my contact information, a generous tip that I plan on never mentioning to her and asked her out to a local musical. She smiled and said ‘maybe’ since that’s the week of her mom’s birthday.

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Feeling Unappreciated

I don’t know why, but I feel like I am very unappreciated for the amount of things I do at work. To give some context I work as a part-time stock and backup receiver at Discount Drug Mart. I’ve been there for almost 2 years and am contemplating on whether I should quit and get a new job where I can be appreciated for the amount of things I can do on my own. The list of things I do there are normal things for stock:

– Restock the shelves

– Get carts

– Make a bale (Cardboard boxes)

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Coffee Feel Good

I’ve always loved coffee because I believe it makes people happy and brings people together. So when I started working at a coffee shop last year, it was a perfect match for me. I’ve had many weird or fun experiences since being there but one stood out to me because it felt so special.

A regular at the coffee shop came in one day, I had just started and didn’t know who she was. My coworker, and friend, whispered to me that the lady’s husband had very recently passed away and that she is moving to Florida to be closer to her family. I could already tell that this woman was sad without saying anything. We exchanged words and I took her order as I normally would but then came time for her to pay.

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She Mocked Me

A question submitted to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a workplace family matter:

I have been an Assistant Manager at a local car wash for about 6 months. Before, I was a regular line employee. It is a very high volume car wash with a lot of top dollar luxury vehicles. We wash anywhere from 25-90 cars an hour, so it is very important to trust your employees and give them the proper instruction. We must keep the same quality from car to car. I have never really had a problem with employees after being promoted except for 1 particular employee, my sister.

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A Hobby Is Good Job Prep

Because I am a high school student and do not have a job yet, I chose a hobby of mine. Something that I picked up this past year has been filmography. Creating short videos of things both big and small, and then posting it on YouTube. The way this connects to other people, is obviously when they choose to watch a video I’ve made. Another is when they like, comment, share, or subscribe to my channel. When they respond positively,

I know that I am doing something right, be it, I’m inspiring them, or bringing them a smile. If they respond negatively, I know that the negative reactions come from one of two things: 1) I did something wrong, whether it is moral, political, etc. or 2) the reactor has a different opinion than my own. Another, I suppose, could just be the reaction of a spam/ troll account on YouTube…I enjoy this hobby and it allows me to express my creativity while also connecting with others. 

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