Secretary To Boozing Bank President!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about an alcoholic boss:

I am a private secretary for a bank president who is an alcoholic and I’m becoming increasingly frustrated by the working conditions that his alcoholism is creating. He is in a constant state of inebriation and frequently is so drunk he cannot function. I am disgusted by his behavior (slurred words, frequent naps, inability to concentrate, shakiness, alcohol odor, and inappropriate behavior in general). He used to be incredibly competent and a great boss, but this situation is intolerable. I feel absolutely helpless.

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Must Teach New HR Boss Old Boss’ Job!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about new HR and trouble: I have reported this and well, but nothing is being done about it. I have asked for help in training my boss, suggested outside training for myself and my boss so that we can do our jobs better, and let the VP of Operations (my boss’s boss) know about the grabbing.

New Boss, tough times. Nine months ago, management let my old boss (the Manager of HR) go and hired a Director of HR. I was told about it on my current’s boss’¬† last day, and met my new boss on his first day. I still do not know why my Manager was let go, and while this is the background story, this is not the problem. The problem is that I have had to learn my old boss’s job (he took care of all 401(k), employee loans, and payroll auditing + justification issues) and teach it to my new boss. It’s been a challenge mostly due to my new boss’s lack of retention of the information I have been training him on.

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Should A Manager Date An Employee?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about dating coworkers:

I am in a predicament. I am the manager of a hotel and have an assistant manager that is really cute and a single mother. Ever since I took this job, she seems to have taken a liking to me, and I have done the same to her and her daughter. We have been to dinner together, and she has invited me over to watch movies. We have kept this from being made public at work and will continue to do so. I know that it is against company policy to date coworkers, but I really feel there is a connection. What advise do you have? I feel like I am going to miss an opportunity of a lifetime.

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Do I Have To Smile In Our Morning Huddle?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a boss’ threat to be happy in the morning huddle:

I have a problem. I am not a morning person. I am usually not as talkative in the morning as I am in the afternoon. I have worked in the field of orthodontics for twenty years and it has not been an issue. After attending a seminar on teamwork, our manager decided to have morning huddles. At these huddles I usually do not have much to say because my thinking is not as clear in the morning, and caffeine is not an option, since I suffer from anxiety and depression I am not a very talkative person anyway and early morning chatter really does not interest me.

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My Boss Is Stealing; Should I Speak Up?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about boss stealing:

My boss and other supervisors are stealing from the company that we work for. I have no way to really prove it, but we are talking big money–enough to buy new cars, go on cruises, and buying new tanning beds. I would say safely in the thousands of dollars. When just a few weeks ago they were having money problems one even said he was four months behind on a house payment. Since I have no proof, shouldn’t I really just keep me mouth shut?

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Partners, But One Micromanages Me!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a boss who micromanages and undermines:

I work at a major brokerage firm as an Account Executive. My main responsibilities are running the day-to-day operations and administrative work for two partners that I have been with for over five years. I have been loyal throughout this time period, and they have been very generous and understanding especially during my divorce. I currently do have a problem with one of them. The senior partner for whatever reasons has become very close like family and makes most of the decisions. He is kind and considerate, and during my tough period he and his wife took me under their wing and helped me immensely. Sometimes, I find it difficult to separate personal and business and get emotional, but for the most part I maintain utmost professionalism.

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Can’t Get Rid Of A Co-worker!


My question concerns an irritating coworker. Eight months ago he decided to show up at my desk and just chat. I sent him away many times, and he would politely leave only to return again to chat. I usually ignore him and keep on working because I can’t afford to stop working as a result of his persistent behavior.

A few months ago, our Manager wrote a detailed letter to him stating that he needed to leave my workspace. The coworker did for a while but edged his way back, and now I spend a lot of time being sending him away. My problem is that I don’t want him to lose his job, but my managers want to know what I’m doing to entice this man back to my desk. I am an assertive person but clueless as to how to entice him out of my workspace. This man is socially abstract in the sense that he spends two hours or more attempting chat sessions with me, reads for three hours, and has very poor work ethics. I do not want him in my workspace.

I’m going to ask him to leave my workspace for good, as he has no business there. What are the chances his behavior will be dangerous? I work alone in a basement down several floors. I’m not sure I’m safe telling him to “leave for good” at my somewhat vulnerable workspace. Am I acting like a victim for no reason?

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Correct A Past Mistake Or Start Over!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about failure to show up for a job and losing the chance to work for this agency again:

I moved to the Louisville area in 1992. I had been looking for work and I wasn’t familiar with the area. I had gone to Robert Half and Accountemps who had sent me on an assignment. In trying to find the job. I got lost and didn’t show up for work. I had called Accountemps to let them know that I got lost. They were a bit mean to me and told me that I couldn’t use their services again. Unfortunately, I had forgotten the incident and gone back to them and they had taken personal information from me and told me that they would help.

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She’s Trying To Get Me Fired!


I work for a nonprofit organization at a location with another organization. Over the past several month’s a management member from the other organization has been trying to get me fired by: asking customer’s to write complaints about me, expressing in committee meetings my uncaring attitude about my job, calling me a little girl in these meetings, saying I’m doing childish thing’s like hiding thing’s from her, and her staff, letting my supervisor run my game, saying she can’t get a hold of me when she needs to, involving shared employees to the degree they are all walking on egg shells, asking her staff that is present to write notes about conversations they overheard which almost always in some way get special treatment for doing so.

I believe a select few are taking advantage of her control issues to get special treatment. Now she’s taking all of her made up and unsupported concerns to her boss who in turn is constantly going to mine. My boss is telling me that he’s aware she’s just trying to get me fired. The other day though I received word from my boss that they feel my supervisor of nine years is a big part of the problem and wants her let go even though she hasn’t had write ups or any disciplinary actions for the duration of her employment. He also wants me to hire someone with a manager’s license as my new supervisor and backup manager.

I believe that my employment will end as soon as this new person is trained. This woman is never even present at my game time. I believe she’s a bully and uses bullying tactics in the work place. My stress level has been thru the roof for months now it’s affecting my job performance, my home life, and my health. I’ve in the last three weeks I’ve experienced panic attacks, depression, irritable bowels, and insomnia. The inability to not constantly prepare for the next attack has made me overly sensitive and very reactionary along with being constantly fearful for my job, I would love to just quit, but financially it is impossible. We have four young children. I work three days a week. To make what I do at this job, I would have to take full time work that isn’t an option considering they are out of school, and we couldn’t afford the daycare.

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Fellow Supervisor Spread Rumors I Am On Drugs!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about accused of drug use:

I am a supervisor, and a fellow supervisor has been spreading rumors that I am on drugs. She is jealous of my position and believes I have taken her position. Then rumors are getting out of control what can I do?

Signed, Subject to Slander

Dear Subject to Slander:

You do not say the type of size of your organization, but if there are two supervisors you both likely have a manager. This is an issue that management should be involved with as well. As I will mention later, this is apparently only one part of a much more complex problem. Also, ask yourself why she would be able to even suggest such as thing as drug use on your part. That is not something that is usually made-up without any indications. Among the reasons people accuse someone of drug use are: Absences, strange behavior, unfocused behavior, poor work, loss of control emotionally, over-talking or depression, lack of care about personal appearance, unusual actions such as going to the car often or meeting people outside the building, physical reactions such as shaking sniffing, coughing or scratching and moodiness–especially going from very cheerful to very quiet in a few hours, repeatedly. If you have situations that are causing some of those behaviors it could be that she is not the only one who thinks you are using drugs!

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