Accused Of Unethical Action!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about hostile environment:

I am a manager who feels that my account director is actively pursuing a hostile work place strategy designed to force or eliminate managers from the account so as to replace them with lesser-paid supervisors. I have been on this account for 4 years, and in the last 3 we have had 99% employee retention. Eight months ago there was a change in the account director position. The new director came in identifying himself as a fire fighter. He comes to accounts to straighten them out. He also brought in his previous area operations manager from outside the company, not giving fair consideration to qualified internal candidates for this position.Since his arrival there have been 8 managers leave the account. Four were terminated or Reduction in Force, 3 quit on there own accord due to the feeling of being forced out (this is what I was told by them) and 1 is going through chemo currently. His position was posted at the lesser supervisor description 2 weeks after his FMLA protection expired. During this period the director and the area ops manager have been not communicated or have had limited communication with he site managers. They have never been to my site, and I have gone months without any interaction with either. Along with this, there have been routine announcements of organizational changes within the account.

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Supervising An Employee With Poor Judgment!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a subordinate who repeatedly shows poor judgment:

I supervise an employee who repeatedly shows poor judgment. She has been counseled by my manager, by HR and by me, and has been referred to EAP. We have started the documentation process, but I understand this process is extremely lengthy. My organization believes in giving everyone every possible opportunity to improve. Because I am the one who works with her daily, I feel my assessment of her use of poor judgment is credible.

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How Do I Gag A Coughing Manager?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about boss coughing:

Can you help? I work in a large open plan office consisting 20 people. The majority of work for all of us requires a lot of research and concentration, which is difficult to maintain with phones ringing, office chatter, meetings etc. However, this much we bear!

About six months ago, a new female manager was appointed internally, and moved into our office. I heard from colleagues that she was a nightmare to work near, as she has a ‘nervous condition’ that makes her cough incessantly, to the point that she gags! This makes everyone else feel the same! I decide to give her a fair go, as she probably feels as uncomfortable as we do with the situation. Unfortunately, she sits in the center of the office, so all are forced to put up with it.

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Bored In Almost Heaven!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about entry to a new job without direction:

I started my new position as a project manager about a week ago with a small company. Nearly everything about it is wonderful, particularly when I have been in some really nasty, backbiting, political environments these last five years. People are so friendly and open at my current workplace; it’s a huge relief just to be among “nice” people again. There is only one problem: my boss has only ever managed one other employee, and he has barely interacted with me. He is a very nice guy, but I have had to seek him out and look for points of discussion!

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She Made Racial Remarks!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about discriminatory remarks:

We have an employee who has made several inappropriate remarks about people of color. In what kinds of training can we have her participate?

Signed, Color Blind

Dear Color Blind:

As I sometimes tend to do, I wrote a lengthy letter to you, discussing whether or not training was the answer in this case. I stopped mid-way, realizing that likely in your role, you know all about everything I was writing and don’t need to hear more! I can sum up my long diatribe by saying that I think other kinds of intervention, rather than off-site training, are more appropriate for cases like this.

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Secretary To Boozing Bank President!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about an alcoholic boss:

I am a private secretary for a bank president who is an alcoholic and I’m becoming increasingly frustrated by the working conditions that his alcoholism is creating. He is in a constant state of inebriation and frequently is so drunk he cannot function. I am disgusted by his behavior (slurred words, frequent naps, inability to concentrate, shakiness, alcohol odor, and inappropriate behavior in general). He used to be incredibly competent and a great boss, but this situation is intolerable. I feel absolutely helpless.

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Must Teach New HR Boss Old Boss’ Job!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about new HR and trouble: I have reported this and well, but nothing is being done about it. I have asked for help in training my boss, suggested outside training for myself and my boss so that we can do our jobs better, and let the VP of Operations (my boss’s boss) know about the grabbing.

New Boss, tough times. Nine months ago, management let my old boss (the Manager of HR) go and hired a Director of HR. I was told about it on my current’s boss’¬† last day, and met my new boss on his first day. I still do not know why my Manager was let go, and while this is the background story, this is not the problem. The problem is that I have had to learn my old boss’s job (he took care of all 401(k), employee loans, and payroll auditing + justification issues) and teach it to my new boss. It’s been a challenge mostly due to my new boss’s lack of retention of the information I have been training him on.

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Should A Manager Date An Employee?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about dating coworkers:

I am in a predicament. I am the manager of a hotel and have an assistant manager that is really cute and a single mother. Ever since I took this job, she seems to have taken a liking to me, and I have done the same to her and her daughter. We have been to dinner together, and she has invited me over to watch movies. We have kept this from being made public at work and will continue to do so. I know that it is against company policy to date coworkers, but I really feel there is a connection. What advise do you have? I feel like I am going to miss an opportunity of a lifetime.

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Do I Have To Smile In Our Morning Huddle?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a boss’ threat to be happy in the morning huddle:

I have a problem. I am not a morning person. I am usually not as talkative in the morning as I am in the afternoon. I have worked in the field of orthodontics for twenty years and it has not been an issue. After attending a seminar on teamwork, our manager decided to have morning huddles. At these huddles I usually do not have much to say because my thinking is not as clear in the morning, and caffeine is not an option, since I suffer from anxiety and depression I am not a very talkative person anyway and early morning chatter really does not interest me.

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My Boss Is Stealing; Should I Speak Up?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about boss stealing:

My boss and other supervisors are stealing from the company that we work for. I have no way to really prove it, but we are talking big money–enough to buy new cars, go on cruises, and buying new tanning beds. I would say safely in the thousands of dollars. When just a few weeks ago they were having money problems one even said he was four months behind on a house payment. Since I have no proof, shouldn’t I really just keep me mouth shut?

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