Bad Boss Fired Me

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being fired: My boss just flipped out one day and fired me. He never wrote me up or explained to me what I needed to work on at all.

I just got fired for no reason. My boss just flipped out one day and fired me. He never wrote me up or explained to me what I needed to work on at all. He belittles his employees also while verbally abusing them and cursing at them. The same day he fired me he launched items at me violently. What kind of consequences should he receive for this misbehavior? Should he be demoted of given one more warning before he is fired?

Signed, Fire the Boss

DearĀ Fire the Boss:

You could have quit your job at any time for a good reason or no reason. And your boss could have fired you for a good reason or no reason. You might have recourse if you are fired for a reason outside a union contract or you have been fired for a discriminatory purpose based on race, national origin, religion,sex, age, or disability. It certainly is unusual that your boss fired you for no reason. Possibly he fired you for no reason, but that is not likely. Why do you think your boss flipped out? Was it not related to something you did or didn’t do? I don’t know how he verbally abused you or what you mean by “he launched items at me violently”, but such behavior indicates that there was a cause for him to be unhappy with you.

So before finding fault with him, wouldn’t it be wise to look in the mirror and ask, “Mirror on the Wall, what was going on between my boss and me that led up to him firing me? Was I careless? Did I come to work late or did I call off too much? Did I fail to follow instructions? Did I badmouth him?”

He might not have been a good boss. Good bosses do provide adequate instructions. Good bosses are clear on assignments. Good bosses are encouraging and considerate in how they correct those they boss. Good bosses don’t flip out. Good bosses don’t belittle and cuss those they boss. So if your boss falls short on any or all of these, he needs training and his job should be on the line.

Since you are no longer employed, you most probably will have no say in your boss’ keeping his job. Therefore, had you not best focus on getting a new job and not just a job, but being hired in a place that is a step forward toward a career or getting the kind of training that will lead to a job that you like. Work is hard when all you are concerned about is what you get paid and not being fired. So find a company that is employee-friendly, one that trains and encourages employees input to improving quality of its operations.

Learn its strengths and if you really can enjoy doing what you’re hired to do. One thing you learned in the place in which you were fired is how not to boss. So if you get the opportunity to someday be responsible as a boss, you will at least know what not to do. This reply likely is not what you wanted or expected. You probably wanted us to agree with you that your boss was at fault. Now you can decide is any of what I say makes sense.

Finally I encourage you not to badmouth your boss with friends, family, and especially when interviewing for a new job. Also don’t allow your firing to echo in your head like a scratchy broken record. Focus rather on the future and what you might do to make your little circle of the world better. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. What might this last thought mean for your future?

William Gorden