Black And Incompetent?


I have been employed at the same company for fifteen years. There is a black woman in her early 60’s that was hired by a former manager. This woman has been with the company for 10 yrs. The former manager to assistant trust officer promoted her. Although she has been with company for 10 years she still has no idea what she is doing. She continually makes mistakes and cost the company money but management is afraid to fire her because she is an older black woman. Isn’t this reverse discrimination to the white employees? I believe if I had made as many mistakes and cost the company as much as she has I would no longer be there. It’s very difficult for some of the other employee’s because we are expected to watch out for her and check her work to make sure she doesn’t make mistakes. Isn’t this discrimination?


Costing The Company


Dear Costing The Company:

Yes, and is firing the only solution? Is this the only option you’ve given yourself? Are you looking for justification/rationalization for her termination? Try retraining her and teach her to be more conscientious of her work. Secondly, she’s the only one who makes mistakes in your office it seems. It seems other motives are working here. Check them for what they are. For example, are all of you angry because she got promoted or is it that her mistakes are more noticeable because she is black? Your rationalization for her termination is in itself racist. Be careful.

Thinking and reflecting on one’s motives is essential to thinking WEGO. Feedback: In regards to your reply to my e-mail, this person has been retrained and yes management has tried to teach her to be more conscientious. No, I don’t believe there are any other motives working here. She is not the only person in the office that makes mistakes but seems to be the only one that management feels needs other employees to cover for her. When other people in the office make mistakes they seem to take the necessary steps to correct them. The sad part about all of this is she is a really nice person that everyone likes.

I do resent the fact that because a question about reverse discrimination is ask you automatically think that I am being racist.

I don’t really care what color she is it is the fact that management seems to hold back on doing anything because she is black. I just feel that others should not be expected to cover for her.

Thank you for answering my e-mail although I did not appreciate the tone. By the way, yes I am white but I happen to have a Vietnamese daughter and several cousins that are black and do not consider myself racist. I was only asking what is considered reverse discrimination.

Thank you.

Dan Kearney