Boost in Confidence

A good feeling moment submitted by a young employee as a result of a phone conversation:

I took a phone call from a potential customer. Typical calls last 1-3 minutes. This particular conversation lasted an entire 22 minutes. I explained numerous aspects of our business and the process of a typical granite installation project. The reason I am proud of this particular call is, numerous times throughout the conversation the customer stopped and would say, “Wow, I really like the way you talk.” Also, “How old are you? Only 26!? You sound very professional young man.”  This customer was so blown away by a simple phone call he came to our warehouse today just to meet me face to face. After our short consultation I earned his business and potentially other future business from his referrals to friends.

At the end of our meeting he said, “It’s good to know there is still hope for our younger generation.” This made me feel really good and gave me a nice confidence boost