Boss Accuses Me of Being A Thief!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about:

I have a huge multi-faceted problem. I worked for a restaurant from May 2004 to September 2004 My boss bought the business in May 2004. I developed hand problems and filed for workman’s comp on Sept 15th. One week later on Sept 21st I was fired. Then I found out that my boss had no workman’s comp insurance (thank god the old owner left her policy in force till it ran out, I’m awaiting a decision now)

Next I file for disability, I find out my boss has taken out SDI taxes out of my checks (along with my other deductions like she should have) but…she did pay any taxes in. And since she would not give me check stubs regularly I only had proof for part of my wages. I still am trying to get disability. Now since I am trying to get what is due me, my boss is accusing me of being a thief to the community. What if any recourse do I have? Help

Signed, Accused Because Filed For Disability

Dear Accused Because Filed For Disability:

You haven’t said whether you sought medical attention for your hands. You need to do this. Secondly, you need to consult a worker’s compensation attorney. Bring all your check stubs and paperwork to him/her. Their fees are paid by the state, not you. Good luck. Thinking WEGO sometimes means speaking up for your self and also of speaking up for others.

Dan Kearney, Guest HR Manager Respondent