Boss Doesn’t Promote My Work

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being excluded  and not provide ample support.

My boss always appreciates my work on the face of it, but he never promotes it to outsiders. He never sends me to attend meetings to where other departments and organisations are represented. I am number two in the office as per the seniority, but he sidelines and ignores me in important and day-to-day office matters and interaction with juniors. He seems indifferent towards necessary prerequisites for completing my assignments that he is supposed to provide.

Signed, Left Out

Dear Left Out:

It does sound like there has been a communication breakdown and a need for more teamwork. Have you raised your concerns with your boss? Sometimes, employees want or expect their boss to be aware of their feelings and frustrations but their boss isn’t always aware enough.

In that situation, it’s best that you communicate your concerns and needs to him more directly so he knows. Feel free to ask him some questions about why doesn’t he send you to more meetings and involve you more in decisions. Ask if he could be more supportive with your assignments.

Be polite. Tell him that you want to do the best job possible for him, but that you feel excluded sometimes. He might not know that you are frustrated and unhappy. See if raising your concerns will make a difference! I hope this helps! WEGO is using honest communication to express your needs!

Guest Respondent, Author of The Teamwork Chronicles

Steven H. Carney