Boss Overlooks Personal Misconduct!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about subordinate and failure of boss:

Co-worker brings personal problems to work and talks on the phone about personal stuff disrupting department. Her boss does nothing about it.

Signed, Flustered

DearĀ Flustered:

I wish the question had more details about the disruptive behavior. It sounds like the co-worker works for another manager than you do, yet you work together. If so, do you know if her boss is aware of her behavior and how it is distracting others? Has anyone brought the issue to him/her in specific terms and details? Maybe that’s a place to start if it hasn’t happened. Have a conversation about your concerns and how the behavior is affecting productivity and focus because that will cost the company money.

Perhaps several employees can make the point through letters or conversations with management. Many workplaces have policies on personal time during the workday. Typically, it’s limited to breaks and lunch times, with the rest of the workday for company time. These are reasonable policies that limit the time employees deal with personal issues. If the company has no policy, maybe they can create a brief, written policy that defines and outlines appropriate workplace behaviors in this area.I hope these suggestions are helpful!WEGO is communicating your concerns and needs so everyone can win!

Steven H. Carney