Boss States I Make Other Employees Feel Bad

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about one’s effect on coworkers:

What do you do when your boss accuses of making co-workers feel bad and they do not want to come to work because of you?

Signed, Baaaad

Dear Baaaad:

What do you do? You ask, “Why?” Perhaps you did ask why, but did not ask for specifics. Was it because you criticized them? Gossiped? Were bossy? Acted superior? Yelled at them? Rolled your eyes? Pointed fingers? Shook your head at their performance? Ignore their requests for help? Lie to them? Talked down?

From here, I don’t have enough information to give advice other than that you:

· Take a long look in the mirror. Review what has occurred over the past several weeks. Recall what you said and how you responded or failed to respond? What were the circumstances that proceeded and consequences that resulted from each time you interacted?

· Enjoin others to assess if your boss was accurate in his few words about how your coworkers felt. Request a performance review? Note the positive and negative. Ask for suggestions about how you might correct those actions that caused such criticism.

· Meet with one or more of the coworkers who will give you a candid assessment of what you do that causes them or others to feel badly and not want to come to work. Apologize and pledge to change your ways. Set a time to periodically review if you are different.

· Think WEGO. If you have scanned several of my other answers you will have seen that I conclude almost all of them with these words: Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS.

The deep meaning of that simple sentence means your competence hinges on how well you hands make each others’ work easier and effective. It also means that you think of others and of ways to cut wasted supplies, wasted energy, wasted time. Most of all it means you have the welfare of others at heart. You want them to feel good and take pride in what they do; and that depends on please and thank you, applause and a few kind words when they do something well, We all have egos and want to be seen as valued. There are plenty of egos in WEGO; thinking and acting as though all your coworkers and boss are valued members of a team. Does this make sense? If not, possibly it will if you genuinely seek the help of your boss and coworkers to clarify the Why of all this.

William Gorden