Bullying by HR Manger and my Supervisor

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about pressure to resign:

I had a visit from my HR manger and my direct supervisor a month ago. I work in retail and I am the Manger. They interviewed all my staff about me and asked many questions. My HR Manager doesn’t like me at all. When I asked the reason for their visit, they both ask me to resign. I told them I love my job but they kept on saying I am not happy, and therefore I should resign!!!

Last week both my HR manger and my supervisor called me that they are coming to see me early in the morning outside of the store. I got so sick that I had to go to ER for asthma, anxiety and severe panic attacks. Now I am on FMLA and they cancelled their trip. I think they were coming to fire me. What rights and help do I have??? I have looked for other jobs but there is nothing out there.

Signed, Expect the Worst

Dear Expect the Worst:

I’m sorry you are ill over the odds you will be fired, and hope you will regain the strength you apparently had to be named a manager. From what you report, I expect you are correct,that you will be pushed to resign or fired. I trust you will find the courage to rebound no matter what happens.

You say that the HR manager doesn’t like you. That might be true, but their coming to survey your place of work is not bullying. Therefore, I assume you have had some run-ins with him/her and/or your boss. Unfortunately, the best advice I can have for you is to not allow them to push you to resign, but to negotiate to get a transfer to another store or to do that if they will give you several weeks to hunt a job.

Hopefully you will use the remaining time in your current position to investigate what are the reasons for your discharge. Find someone who will be honest with you about your strengths and inadequacies. Learn from this and keep your head held high while searching for another job. The hard fact is that most probably have no rights that can protect you from being fired unless you belong to a union or can prove mistreatment because you are in a class protected from discrimination by race, religion, national origin, sex, age or disability. Our site doesn’t provide legal advice.

We are not lawyers. But we are here to help you reflect on what has been going on in your workplace and why. Also we are here to lend moral support from a distance. Possibly my associate workplace doctor Tina Lewis Rowe, the wisest woman I know, will have more to add to these brief remarks. You can click on her name on our home page to access her informative and inspirational site. For now, talk to someone you can trust; however, don’t allow this expected or actual loss of a job play over and over in your head.

Telling and retelling friends and family is not problem solving nor will that rebuild your spirit. Talking about how you are a victim simply will increase your anxiety. Make time to walk, swim, workout, dance, sing, read, and do some things you like to do.Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS, and this thought applies while volunteering, caring for a family, and job hunting.

William Gorden