Calling In

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about boss coming to your home:

Does a supervisor have the right to come to your home hunting you even after you’ve called in?

Signed, At My Door

DearĀ At My Door:

Anyone can knock on your door, but must have a warrant to enter unless invited in. We don’t give legal advice nor do are we familiar with your company’s policies, but I expect that it does not condone “hunting you” down. Are you sure your supervisor wasn’t bringing you flowers? (Just kidding.) Probably even if you have a union, this kind of question has not been negotiated.Your question raises a larger issue: one of trust.

Apparently, a supervisor, who would seek you out after you called in, must not trust that you had a valid reason for calling in. Therefore, answering your question is really a matter of “rights”. Rather it suggests that you need to earn a reputation of responsibility. Have you ever looked in the mirror and ask: how does my supervisor see me? And if I were he/she what would I see–An employee you rarely is absent and who gets to work ahead of time or one with a spotty record?

An employee who is concerned about quality or who just does what has to be done? An employee who finds ways to cut wasted supplies, wasted time, wasted energy or one who just gets by? An employee who offers to help others and cheers them on or one who is self-centered and thinks of me as an enemy? Since I have little way to know what is your boss/bossed relationship, I’ll say no more other than to suggest that trust is earned and nurtured by frequent and honest communication. Do feel free to get further advice, and more importantly, I wish you to know that working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. And that is more than just earning a day’s pay.

William Gorden