Calls All Of Us F****** Stupid!


Okay, I’ve read through the archives and still haven’t found the answers. Is it right that a boss can call you F****** stupid, F******moron and such in front of co-workers and clients and nothing can be done. This is done on a weekly basis. I would just like to know. She does this to everyone.


Target of Boss


Dear Target of Boss:

Hmmm, for a minute there I was worried that she was discriminating in her abusive language but as I can see she treats all of you the same without prejudice. This is a plus for her!

Actually, I don’t think she can talk to you like that. It’s called “Harassment” and your boss has, in effect, created a “hostile work environment” as viewed by most rational people. The group of employees that she supervises need to confront her as a group and notify her that her language is not tolerable nor should it be and secondly, that she is on notice for harassment. You put this in writing to her and to her supervisor and I bet things will go one of two ways. Either she will retaliate in which case you get an attorney that specifically specializes in sexual harassment or she will apologize to all of you and things will be much better. If she wants to keep her job, I’m sure she’ll choose the latter option. Good luck in your pursuit.

Put your faith in communication–the way it should be. Insisting on respectful communication earns what we call WEGO. Do let us know what you decide to do. Bad attitude and bad habits are not changed easily. The Workplace Doctors

Dan Kearney