Cameras In Doctor’s Examining Room

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about camera in doctor’s examination:

Please understand my concern when having a complete physical in the doctor’s examining room and noticed a camera mounted to the ceiling over the examining table. I wanted to know if the camera was running? This in my mind is a violation of a patient’s privacy and dignity. I understand they are primarily for the doctor’s protection. When asked about the camera, the answer is got was they are there for training purposes.

Signed, Overlooked and Looked Over

Dear Overlooked and Looked Over:

Our site addresses workplace communication matters, not medical or legal; however, the doctor’s office is a workplace. In addition to words and physical touching that are necessary in an examination, you were video recorded, and in my opinion, that is one channel of communication that should have been only used with your consent.

You need a big dose of assertiveness and the doctor should have alerted you to needing such a prescription. You are correct: video recording is a matter of patient’s privacy. You can request that what was video recorded be shown to you and then destroyed. In the future you can request that the camera not be running and its lens be covered. You should be asked for your consent to be video recorded even if you agree video filming of you is for the doctor’s protection and training purposes. There might be professional codes and state/federal laws about this. You can contact your local and state health agency, Department of Labor or representatives to learn what is permitted to learn if that is so. Please forward what you learn. Working with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS; my signature sentence doesn’t seem to apply to your concern. And yet it does apply because WEGO speaks to the best interests of both those within a work setting and those served by it.

William Gorden