Can A Former Boss Smear My Future?


I have been working in a very stressful environment. The last 4 months, my manager and a co-worker have caused me a lot of trouble. It seemed no matter how hard I work or how complex a problem I solve, I never get any recognition. Rather it always goes to the co-worker. Now I have two very good job offers and I have given my notice here at current job. The boss is raving mad that I am leaving – because deep inside, he knows that I have handled a lot of complex projects that nobody else can manage now. He has made me out to be monster in just this one week. I am not very worried because they were not treating me any better before. I am only worried about what he could do. Is there any way such a vengeful person can ruin my career? Can he find out my new employer and try to harm my chances there? If so, what are my rights? Is there any agency like the BBB (for businesses) to whom I can complain? Accepted A New Job “When there is a hill to climb, waiting will not make it smaller”


Moving On


Dear Moving On:

As a general rule when an employee resigns and accepts employment with another company, little or no contact is made with the new company by the company you are leaving. Even when a company asks for a reference, almost always the only information given is dates of employment and position held. So I do not think your soon to be ex-boss will do anything to interfere with your new employment. Be positive; go into the new job with a renewed spirit and good attitude. It appears that you are a very efficient employee and have much to offer an employer. The new company’s gain is your previous company’s loss. The Better Business Bureau is probably not the agency to contact regarding employment issues. They generally deal with consumer/customer issues and alleged unfair business practices. Play it cool through your “notice” time but be ready to go when the light turns green. Best of luck, Ego is best realized by thinking WEGO. Do let us know what you learn from your experience. And pass on what you learn. The Workplace Doctors

Gerald Allen