Can an Employer Shut Out an Employee?


I recently gave my notice at work. The place closed for Christmas and when I went to get something the next day the codes had been changed.


Locked Out


Dear Locked Out:

Yes, you were no longer welcome. The story of some fired employees these days is that they are escorted out by a guard and no longer allowed to touch their computers. Ideally, giving notice is mutually discussed and agreed on for a time of departure. Ideally bosses confer with the bossed about their career paths. Ideally, communication is in the interest of the work organization and the employee. Unless you are under contract or a member of a union, you can be fired at will of the employer just as you can quit when you will. Trust is something earned. I hope you will find a new job in an organization that honors employees and one which you see as a career, not just a job.

Work is hard enough without the frustration of wondering if you belong and are valued. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. That’s the kind of interdependent relationship you and your workplace want.

William Gorden