Can I Be Fired For Making Out With A Sexy Guy?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about possible romance between employees:

I am a disabled female worker in the UK. I have a supported job with the council. In my last department, I met a really sexy, single guy. He is a lot older than me. We swapped contact details and things get intense, on the phone, at times. I think we have stopped the relationship, but would his bosses have any right to fire him if they found out about us, presuming things had gone further?

Signed, What If

Dear What If:

I don’t know. Are there council policy guidelines for you and co-workers? This is something you might be able to learn by a brief talk with your Human Resources Manager or an attorney who deals with labor issues. I welcome hearing from you about what you learn. Sorry, I cannot be more helpful. Probably the best route for you both is to let a sleeping dog lie.– Bill Gorden The Workplace Doctors WEGO at the most intimate level is mutual attraction. However, that is personal business that does not foster the work of the organization.

Feedback: I asked you for advice on the legal issues of a relationship with someone I worked with. I am emailing you just to be mannerly and let you know everything fell through. At times I think this is because I am disabled, and let’s admit, there is usually some sort of prejudice against disabled people. Thanks for your quick reply after the fist time that I wrote to you.

Kindest regards. Thank you for updating me on you situation. Sure, those with disabilities sometimes must cope with prejudice. Bit I hope you will not allow this failed romance to sour you. Whatever your disability, the more resilient and vivacious you are the better it will be for you either with or without a partner. So my best to you. May you enrich your days by gaining new skills, enjoying tasty foods, seeing and smelling lovely blossoms, singing and listening to music, and cheering those who need friendship. The Workplace Doctors

Follow Up:You do seem like a really nice person, I appreciate contact – suppose I am a bit clingy. I do take things, unfortunately, too personally, but want to admit it’s not the first time I’ve had an office, dare I say, affair. While working for an insurance firm here, I was left alone for hours on end in a large mail room with another guy. We did grow close often falling in and out all the time. We avoided full sex and told no one at work about how close we had grown. After I left, we saw each other for a while, but as he failed to admit we were anything but friends, I cut my losses but do still regularly text him. After any sort of breakup, I just need to lick my wounds for a while.Thanks for your attention.

William Gorden