Can I Get A Real Job With A Poor Work History?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about poor work history:

How does somebody with a poor work history (last 5 years) get employed again? I’m a hard worker, punctual, miss little time, but can’t even get in the door of most places. They see a poor work history. and bypass me. About all I can get is temporary employment, a day here a day there. I can’t survive like that. The checking account is down to $2000, and dwindling fast. I’m on the verge of bankruptcy. Help!

Signed, Short On Cash

Dear Short On Cash:

How??? You get a skill that is wanted. For example, earn a practical nurse or hospital assistant certification. If you can demonstrate computer skills, such as related to making or retrieving records, you will be hired. If you take training in driving trucks, you will be hired. Possibly, to hide a poor work history, you will need to take training in some needed occupation. In short, have skill will travel goes a long way to improve your marketability.

Prepare a list of the things you have learned to do in your varied jobs and take that with you when you apply. That will minimize attention to a poor work history. I have a brother who has little to no sympathy for those who complain they can’t get a job.

He sees the many jobs advertised in the Elkhart, Indiana area. He does not have advanced education, but has never been without work. He developed skills in printing and worked up to plant manager. Then a few years ago, he took training to attain a license for driving truck and has been doing that for several years. Think about what you can do and would like to do. Plan what you might do to have the skills needed in those fields. Jobs do not come hunting for you. You must do the legwork and have the stick-to-itiveness to earn the chance to work where you can earn a reasonable living and hopefully where you can not hate to go to work. Do these thoughts make sense to you? Do let us know after a few months what you have chosen to do.

William Gorden