Can I Work Both Temp And Permanent Jobs?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about not  being able to be in two different places at the same time:

I have a dilemma. I have recently obtained a part-time job in August that is an event driven position. Since it is event driven, you have absolutely no idea what your schedule would be like. Some month I would work 2 or 3 shifts others I would work about 40 shifts. Okay so here is my problem: A part-time job is not cutting it for me so I went on a hunt for a full time job, which I did acquire. I was able to adjust my schedule for the new job and the old job for my first 2 weeks of training to be able to do both.

Well the last week of this month for my current job (event driven position) is very busy! The only thing is it conflicts with my new jobs training schedule. I can’t give up the new job because I am in financial difficulty, and I do enjoy having the current job for a side job. So my problem is I can’t find anyone to cover my shifts at my former job as it is busy and everyone is working, and I can’t miss any training at my new job or I am not offered the position.

My boyfriend told me to put in my two weeks so my former boss could find somebody else, and then a coworker said to just fake sick and call in for the three days and go to the doctor and get a note so I can stay at the current job. Then state my availability for the former position that will not conflict with my new position.

Okay so here is the deal I have not brought this up to my former boss because she has mentioned to our crew on numerous occasions that we were hired here first and this job is our obligation and it is a very busy month and everyone needs to be available. Which has intimidated me a bit in my decision. So what do I do??? I did mention this to my new employer, but like I had said, the offer will no longer be available if I do not attend the 6 weeks training class when it is offered and I am not able to miss any portion of the training. Yes I have done the pros and cons, and obviously the new position is better and in dire need, but like I said I enjoy the former position and would like to keep it if possible. PLEASE HELP!

Signed, Dilemma Bound

Dear Dilemma Bound:

Faking sick is lying! Since some people do, trust is destroyed for the rest of us. It’s good you have a conscience and want to do what is honest. Now can you have two jobs at the same time, one temporary and the other full time? Only if schedules don’t conflict. You can tell the permanent employer that you cannot do your required training until you give the temp two weeks notice. Or you can simply honestly tell the temp boss, whom you say stressed that since you have been given this job first, you are obligated to it that you can’t afford to miss this opportunity for a permanent position. You can say that you like the temp work and will give your best to it when it doesn’t conflict with your new job. Life is made of choices between cheating and talking straight. You can live with yourself best when you are a straight talker, and you want those with whom you live and work to talk straight to you. Right?Working together is based on honesty. There is no spirit of WEGO at work when trust is in doubt.

William Gorden