Can Music Be A Motivator?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about music’s benefits:

We have listened to music in our workplace for many years and it helps to drown out background noises that are annoyingly loud. Recently, we had a consultant come in and she has suggested that we need to not have music because we need to be concentrating on our jobs and not listening to music. Management is thinking about doing this, but we all feel this will lead to low morale, increased tension and overall chaos. Can you help me find some studies to help in proving music is a good thing in the workplace? Thanks in advance for your help.

Signed, More, We Want More

Dear More, We Want More:

Yes, music while you work fights boredom, provides comfort, and motivates. It is only annoying when it is too loud, repetitious, degrading, and distracting from jobs that need concentration. See our Archive for other support to your case for music. I predict that you will keep your music by you and your co-workers making your voices heard for music.

William Gorden