Can You Be Fired If Your Company Has A Bad Audit?.


If you have a bad audit result that was just paperwork not attached and everything was legitimate, can you be fired on the spot?




DearĀ Spotted:

Sorry, I don’t know. Your question indicates you are worried and possibly have good reason to be.I don’t know if you are talking about your mistake or that of your company, but it is clear that this is a question that hinges on corporate policy and practice. Our site addresses communication related questions, not legal. Probably the best way to confront your anxiety is to meet with your superior and learn what a bad audit means; whether it indicates incompetence, crime, or a common mistake. If you are new to the job, it might be a learning experience. If you have a record of good work, it might be cause for investigating if it as an unusual mistake. As you can tell, my knowledge of this matter is nothing on which you should depend. However, I would much appreciate learning what you learn. Surely your employer has developed policy about his matter, and it isn’t good for you to work under a cloud of suspicion or with this worry. A healthy workplace reduces such uncertainty by clear rules and practices. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS, and by that I mean you, your coworkers and managers are there to confront problems and do what is necessary to benefit your work organization.

William Gorden