Career Path Not Clear!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about career advancement but frustrated by new manager:

I work for a big well known company. The company has gone through a massive restructuring. I’ve been working in this department for almost five years now. I came from another department within the same company where I worked two years. The reason I did that move is because they offered me a big relocation package and promised me to advance quickly.

Before the first year ended in the new position a new manager took over. Here is where my story starts. In the first meeting I told my new manager I wanted to advance and get promoted because I possessed the skills and education however, he backfired saying that there is no place for an individual in this department with a higher education and that I should contemplate a position some place else as an engineer.My responsibilities are to repair electronic broadcast machines; we are divided by product assignment.

The products I am assigned are dying and not being sold any more, so that leaves me with no work to do for a while. I tried to find something to do in the repair shop however, this is even a less qualifying job and besides the workflow is not high. I approached to my manager in ways to get trained in different products. He didn’t deny learning from other coworkers on my own but refused to send me to trainings that other coworkers had. I told him that I wanted to learn and wanted to go back to college, he said he would approve paid tuition if it didn’t interfere with job. However, my job requires traveling and attending a master program requires at least once a week being in the class.

Nevertheless I managed to attend during two years and only have 4 classes left to finish the master program. The last semester I was forced to drop a class because if I took a class in the middle of the week it would interfere with the travel schedule during the day. With no hope for training or advancement in my career I sit in a dead end job. I am the most qualified individual in my department; I am trilingual and have a MSEE. Please, give me an advise what should I do to advance in my career?

Signed, Higher Education On The Job

Dear Higher Education On The Job:

Your situation is not too unusual in this day and time. With technology moving as quickly as it does, product lines change quickly and organizations are forced to react in many different ways, often involving restructuring and changes in management. Your efforts to seek further education are to be commended and are probably the best way to stay employed and employable. Without a crystal ball though, even advanced degrees are not always enough to be able to anticipate what a company’s future needs will be. In order to stay challenged and feel like you are doing meaningful work, it may be necessary to look beyond the walls of your current employer. Engineers always seem to be a profession in demand and this might be an opportunity for you to find new employment with an organization that will value your knowledge and talent and be willing to invest in furthering your education!

“It’s a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.”- Albert Einstein Do not give up. Please keep us posted on your career path. Think WEGO. The Workplace Doctors

Kolman Rosenberg, Guest Respondent