Hope With A Boss/Owner Like Mine?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about bully boss:

I’ve worked for my printing company for 12 yrs. From almost the beginning of its existence, I have learned the business basically by just being thrown into it. I started at a very low entry level and have worked my way up to a pretty good salary. My company started with just a couple of people and now we have branches all over the US.Now that we are bigger then ever, my boss, the owner, is your classic textbook bully. He embarrasses you in public for no reason puts you down every chance he gets. If you get up to get a fresh pen from the supply closet, he screams why are you not at your desk. What happens when you go to the restroom? You return to a screaming nut. If you are asked to do something that my take a couple of hours, he will ask you every 10 minute till it’s done. At times when this is done to other employees and I am in the office after the employee leaves, he sits there laughing and comments how he loves his power.This was not done early on because he needed his people and that’s why we where taken care of back in those days. When the company first started, he asked a lot of his fellow prior employees to come on board with a great salary and car. And they turned him down. So we proved we are what made the company successful. But in the last couple of years, his prior employees’ companies went under, and they came running to us. They were hired at higher salaries than the six of us who have helped build this place from the start. He has made fun of the way we look, made comments if we gain a little weight, and pries into our personal lives. He makes fun of us every chance he gets. When we need to leave early for the doctor or a far ride to a Wake, we are told no. But if the new people need time to take his motorbike to repair it’s a yes. We are not union and have no HR department. If I leave, I will have to take a cut in salary. Do I have any hope here?

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How Can I Stop A Manager Making Fun Of Me?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about manager talking about an employee:

About a year ago, one of the managers at the company I work for bought a house down the street from me. He is not directly in my chain of command, but he is several grades above me and is a manager for another group for which I don’t work.

Everything was fine until a couple of days ago when I was out in front of my garage working on my car. I had been doing my laundry, inside and wasn’t wearing a shirt. I briefly went outside in the front of my house in my driveway to replace the windshield wipers on my car while my clothes were washing. I wasn’t wearing a shirt.

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Supervisor Intimidated By Regular Employee

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about criticism of her boss: I hate going in to my job because of her, but I love working for this company because I know it is good for me. So what do I do? Her newly appointed boss is aware of her downfalls – should I talk to her boss?

My supervisor has been with the company 15 yrs and recently the company has made major changes including replacing the “older” employees with fresh, younger attitudes like mine. Well, my supervisor must be terrified of me because everyone around me can compliment me on things I do or tell me how nice I look, but not her.

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Boss Seeks To Document Failure!

Question: to Ask the Workplace Doctors about loss of respect.

Where do I start? I work in a financial institution, and I obviously understand the importance of following policies in regards to loss prevention. Recently, it seems like I cannot do anything right. I get written up for nearly everything, and live in constant fear that every day could be my last. I am an intelligent person with a strong background in customer service, and I consider myself to have common sense. Yet, I feel like I am working for an institution that is looking to document your failures. This is contributing to a negative energy in our office. There are several employees that feel the same way that I do. I am frustrated that I am having such difficulty doing a job that is not difficult, and that does not pay well, and it is crushing my self esteem. I try to remain positive, and learn from my mistakes, but I feel like I have no future with this company because of it.

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Watched For Seven Years!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about emotional break down:

I just found your site by accident, and I wish I would have found it seven years ago. I am sorry it may take a little time to tell my story and I know that you do not offer legal advise but here goes. I came to work in my present position seven years ago. I am a clerical support person for six social workers. They had a supervisor and I have a clerical supervisor. However, I did report directly to their supervisor and seldom had contact with my supervisor. He was horribly abusive to me, and on many occasions I went to HR about it. He constantly accused me of stealing and had people walk past my door and watch me constantly and even come over and check out my lunch while I was eating.

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Martial Arts Instructor Put Down By Associate!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about coworker put downs:

I am a teacher in the martial arts and work with another female instructor. We have worked together for eight years. I feel that she abuses me and demoralizes me on a regular bases, although it is very sneaky and completely unexpected on my part. It will always be with a smile, but she will tell me things like I’m so gullible, she wishes I were a whole person. I’ve tried to talk with her, tried to tell her how I feel and that she hurts my feelings all the time. But it always comes down to being my fault, whatever it is. We work together every day as we have evening classes at two colleges in the same town. It seems there is just no way to get away from her and there is no one above us that I can talk to.

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One Of Our Staff Has The Boss’s Attention!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about boss’s favorite who loafs:

What do you do if an employee in your office is always in the in the bosses office visiting? This employee does the least in the office, yet she seems to be his favorite, which the other employees notice. We have a hard working team, with the exception of this one employee. The other staff members notice how little she does, but they don’t voice their complaints, because it might make their own working relationship with the boss uncomfortable. This employee has gone to great lengths to get noticed by the boss. She joined his church, choir, any committees he is on, and even became friends with his daughters. The strength behind this business is the other employees who genuinely care, and work hard for this company. Their efforts should be equally appreciated. This is a non-union business with only 6 employees. Any advice from you would be greatly appreciated.

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Boss’s Husband Plays Bodyguard!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about rude body guard:

The boss’s (president) husband has been with the company as bookkeeper for 18 months. He’s an ok guy but more and more he appears to be checking on our whereabouts, questioning our work. He’s rude when he needs information and makes a few unsavory comments. He acts like the boss’s bodyguard and we feel she is unaccessable now. He’s not the boss.

I’m a vice president and administrative director. I am afraid his way with my employees will cause me to lose excellent people. We’ve been coworkers for 15 years. The boss and I share our hobby out of work. Do I approach him first? I hate to do what he does and go running to the boss. Thanks for your time.

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Demoted And Pay Cut!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about demotion and pay cut:

Demotion and loss of $5,000 a year! Our school is being restructured and my head wants me to do the same job for less–all this after 18 years of good service!. She acknowledges that I am good at my job, but has singled me out for this demotion and loss of pay. There is some history of antagonism in the past. My union is slow to offer advice. Others have been given preferential treatment and have been promoted to posts that haven’t been advertised. This makes it hard for me to work and feel any sense of worth.

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The New Rules Don’t Seem Right?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about deductions and time clocking for exempt employees:

I’ve worked for a company here in Austin, TX for about 1 1/2yrs now and have found there are things that happen in the company that just don’t seem right. I stay because I do need the job and I have bills to pay. I am uncomfortable with the recent rules that have been put on us all though and am really beginning to question things since this past Friday.

We received a company wide email stating that ALL employees are to use the time clock starting Monday. Is it illegal to have salary-based workers clock in and out on a time clock? Why would an employer after 20years have all employees clock in and out on a time clock–salary based employees included? Also, after a recent base salary law was passed in Texas, we are now being deducted -$500 from our commission checks and they have kept our base pay at $18k. Is it legal for them to deduct $500 from our commission checks monthly?

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