Tattletales Galore! Staff Meeting Shared Complaints

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about what bugs them: How do I stop coworkers making me the butt of criticism?

I work in a Wellness Center with three secretaries and four personal trainers. Recently at our “Team” meeting, people have been “sharing” their feelings about what bugs them at work with everybody. Apparently everything that bugs them has to do with me. With everything that has been said during the meeting, my boss included, has slammed me three times. Others have not had anything negative said about them. Also one of the female secretaries and the two male personal trainers has been gossiping and talking about me and running to the boss and tattling about everything I do.

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Coworker Teammate Lacking!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about disclosing a coworker’s lack of ability and commitment: Should I have kept my mouth shut? How should I handle this situation in a diplomatic manner?

My coworker and I work on the same team. She is extremely nice, friendly, but sensitive when under stress. She is new to our industry. Hence, her insight is limited. We have been working together for a year. I’ve trained her patiently and thoroughly in all the basics. Since my schedule is loaded with meetings and work, it is hard for me to cover everything. If I were in her position, during my downtime I would be reviewing materials, reading books on work-related topics, practicing, and offering my services to other team members to further advance myself. However, during her downtime, she is surfing online, gossiping, and talking on the phone. Besides the lack of initiative, she lacks attention to details and is always late to meetings.

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Non-communicative And Manipulative Co-worker

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about an non-communicative and unfriendly coworker:

I have a co-worker who I think is extremely non-communicative and unfriendly. Recently, she has been wearing sunglasses in the workplace and I am very annoyed by her behavior. My own solution to her strange behavior is by ignoring her and limiting my interaction with her. Honestly, I think that she is a very manipulative and very unhappy person. Would like to have your input on this strange situation.. Thanks.

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