My Boss and Coworker Gossip

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about gossip within the HR Department
by boss and Coworker.

I am in HR and I’m faced with gossip in the office; however my issue is that my boss and a co-worker are the ones doing the gossiping. I know as HR I should not let this continue and I fear that the employee that they are gossiping about will quit and has mentioned that this is a form of harassment. I want to confront the boss and coworker, but I fear for my own job. What would be the best steps to take to handle this situation?

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How Do I Overcome A Blacklist or File Discrimination?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about not being promoted and feeling of discrimination.

I work for the federal government and took a change to lower grade to work in another section to build on my skills. I was told that it was a training position and we would learn this job to prepare us for advancement. Five years later I am still in same spot. I have trained others who were selected in same field of work who were then promoted over me. I spoke with my bosses, I have had several and have to prove my worth each time, but they select others to train and work towards promotion.

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Boss Discriminating Against Me

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a new work situation in which a boss is perceived as unfair and demanding:

To just give you the back story, I was working at a company which bought another company, and I got transferred to this new merger. Since the day of my transfer, people at acquisition have been causing lot of troubles for me.

There is one old lady who is friend of VP. She doesn’t like me. She’s is very powerful in this new merger because of this VP, who is also from new acquisition. She yells at me, withholds information, and treats me badly.

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Bad Hearing

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about possible racial misunderstanding due to hearing loss:

I may be working at a restaurant soon but my manager and co-workers all have heavy accents and I have bad hearing. I don’t want to be annoying or look racist by asking over and over what they said. How can I make this situation better for me and my co-workers?

Signed: Don’t Want To Be Seen As Racist

Dear Don’t Want To Be Seen As Racist:

From what you say, you aren’t yet employed in a restaurant that has a manager and co-workers who have language that you might not be able to understand. Having a language different from yours doesn’t mean that they have as you put it “heavy accents”; it’s just that their manner of speaking is different from what you are used to—when speaking and hearing.

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Spreading Rumor I Am Gay

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about gay gossip: My manager is spreading rumors about my sexuality.
I work for a fast food restaurant. I’m 17. Two of my co-workers, a drive-through girl and a cook, who don’t socialize with each other, both told me the exact same story that my much older female manager is spreading rumors saying I’m gay. This could cause many co-workers to have a different attitude toward me. When the cook took up for me saying he’s not gay, she replied, “Well I don’t know that he is, but I think he is.”

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Racism in the Workplace – An Accusation Made Against Me

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a reference to someone’s skin color resulting in a suspension.

On Wednesday I was suspended from work for a couple of comments I made about someone’s skin colour. It was a cheap attempt at a joke and the person. I consider the person I said it to to be a friend. There was another person involved in the conversation, who I believe has made the accusation against me.

On reflection I completely agree that my comments could be interpreted as racist, but without question there was no malicious intent. I do not consider myself to be in anyway a racist.

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Difficult Employee When Corrected Charges Racism

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about how do I handle a difficult employee who is creating a hostile work environment?
I have an employee that is constantly saying the company is racist. This particular employee is not a good performer and is making a hostile work environment! Every time this particular person is written up for various infractions, they scream racism. Everyone is disciplined fairly. It is not fair to everyone else who follows the rules. HR will do nothing! How can I handle this employee and make this a positive experience for everyone else in the department?

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Accusation of Taking A Photo Escalated To Write-Up and Firing

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being fired:
I was fired for taking a photo that I didn’t take, wouldn’t sign a write up, and I was deemed insubordinate.
I went in early to my job to inquire about some hours for which I hadn’t received pay on for a few months. I had been inquiring on these hours for some time now. The lady to whom I spoke was very rude when I asked her about the information. She told me I would have to come back around 4 p.m. when the next person in charge would be here and would have the answers.

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Husband Barred From Bar

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about presence of husband at spouse’s workplace:

Can my boss tell me my husband can’t be at the bar while I’m on shift if he is a paying costumer and has come here before I am employed here? I feel like I’m. being discriminated.

Boss Says No To Husband

Dear Boss Says No To Husband:

Barring your husband from the bar while you are on the shift is not discrimination. Most likely it is simply that your boss doesn’t want you favoring him or for spousal interpersonal problems surfacing. It is a local job-specific rule you have to work with if you are to work there. Discrimination is a term that applies to areas such as race, religion, national origin, sex, disability, and possibly physical appearance.

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Rumours I Am Gay or Bisexual

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about sexuality: Someone has spread a rumor I’m gay or bisexual. It is widespread. This is something I have ignored for nearly two years hoping it will go away. But not so. This is not in any way true, but I’m stuck with it.

I work in an office in a company of over eight hundred employees. Someone has spread a rumor I’m gay or bisexual. It is widespread. This is something I have ignored for nearly two years hoping it will go away. But not so. This is not in any way true, but I’m stuck with it. I hope to have my new wife work here in the future; however, I’m worried about the way she will be treated. I fear everyone will assume the rumor is true and that she just doesn’t know what they consider to be the truth. It’s driving me round the bend. I have been thinking of hiring a private detective to get the truth out so I can address this horrible situation. What can I do?

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