Cheerleader in My Team

A feel good moment to let others know some workplaces are good places to work.

I collaborate a lot with my teammates on various projects and am part of the culture committee that has a big hand in putting together events for our employees. And of course I love my job and put my heart into everything I do and all the communication I have with my customer. It’s a true relationship between the company, my customer and their buyer that I work with. 

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Follow Up Feeling Good About How to Cope With Authority

Follow Up Feeling Good about how to cope with a difficult team member who asserts her authority:

Two years ago we responded to an attorney employed at a bank who described an individual who asserted her authority. Just today that attorney sent a follow up reflection that discloses how he chose to cope. His experience undoubtedly has made him even more resolved to interpersonal communication that minimizes power-distance and promotes collaboration wherever he’s employed. I told him I would play is words forward so that they might help others cope with and/or prevent similar work situations:

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Pedal After Pedal Spoke Folks Generates Feel Good Moments

A good feeling report to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a community training program for youth:

The Spoke Folk Community Bicycle Program was launched in the late spring of 2007 in the lower level of an abandoned church in the heart of the City of Dunkirk, New York.  As part of The State University of New York at Fredonia’s – Dunkirk Community Partnership initiative and in response to a perceived need for the development of a neighborhood bicycle repair facility and skills development center, it was built on the assumption that a volunteer staff could be recruited and trained to make a number of bicycle related programs and services available to area residents.  Since its existence, the Spoke Folk project has met or exceeded many of its objectives, and continues to pioneer such new initiatives as “Meals on Two Wheels” and the “Every Kid Deserves a Bike Program.”  Together with the support of the SUNY Research Foundation and its community partners,  Spoke Folk will continue to work toward building a healthier community …. One Bicycle at a Time.

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