Feeling Unappreciated

I don’t know why, but I feel like I am very unappreciated for the amount of things I do at work. To give some context I work as a part-time stock and backup receiver at Discount Drug Mart. I’ve been there for almost 2 years and am contemplating on whether I should quit and get a new job where I can be appreciated for the amount of things I can do on my own. The list of things I do there are normal things for stock:

– Restock the shelves

– Get carts

– Make a bale (Cardboard boxes)

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A Feel Good Moment From Helping A Subordinate

I am faced with all kinds of wonderful challenges every day. Some days are tougher than others and I always keep in mind how important it is to help others as they are coming to me and my teams for assistance.

I recently had an employee approach me about getting an office set up at their home due to a sick spouse and wanting to be able to work from home on the chemo days. The employee understood prior to the request that we don’t tipically setup home office equipment for office workers and asked me to make an exception. They stated their spouse is very ill and would need to work from home to take care of the spouse on chemo days. read more

Boost in Confidence

A good feeling moment submitted by a young employee as a result of a phone conversation:

I took a phone call from a potential customer. Typical calls last 1-3 minutes. This particular conversation lasted an entire 22 minutes. I explained numerous aspects of our business and the process of a typical granite installation project. The reason I am proud of this particular call is, numerous times throughout the conversation the customer stopped and would say, “Wow, I really like the way you talk.” Also, “How old are you? Only 26!? You sound very professional young man.”   read more

Nearly Sold Out Again

A feel good moment  balances the questions of frustration we get submitted to Ask the Workplace Doctors

The first thing I’m most proud of with my current job is the feedback I receive from my customers about how much they appreciate my hard work and dedication to my job.  I work on a 24 hour respond rate, if not sooner, and have countless compliments commending me for my speedy response rate and urgency to help.  Although working with various types of personalities can be frustrating at times, keeping a cool head and consistent fingers on the keyboard always perseveres.  It comes to show that your hard work really does pay off, eventually. read more

Good Feeling Workplace Moments: Customers Appreciated My Efforts

“This past summer I worked at an international trade show in Atlanta feeling that my efforts were failing in my export sales. During the course of the four-day event I had four current Canadian customers and five new customers approach my Vice President and thank us for pursuing their business in Canada as their local suppliers have been unable to meet their requirements for various reasons. I even had my main competitor in Canada approach us asking to help them with their production issues and meeting their customer needs. The previous time and effort I had spent developing relationships and building a personal trust with customers paid off smartly not only by the actual sales but by the customers approaching my leadership and team members complimenting my work to build the market up through my personal efforts.” —

Signed–Made My Day

Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS

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