Unwarranted Complaint To Boss

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a complaint of my talk: that I have commented something about her unfortunate son to the peon.

I work in a big bank. I am the private secretary (officer rank) of my boss. My boss and I, a personal assistant (clerical) and a peon (general assistant), comprise the section. I was hired a year ago. The personal assistant thinks she knows everything, but alas, I am very doubtful. She has a mentally retarded son. She comes to office late, after the boss arrives. I am not dependent on her in anyway, because the work I am carrying out does not demand any help from her (which she expects me to ask) as I manage my own things.

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Co-workers Defame Me

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about co-workers slander:

Co-Workers are telling false information to other co-workers about me and are defaming my professional character in the Archaeology Field. Due to my steady advancement in the field, I continually hear from the crew I manage, how another crew tries to slander my professional character with other co-workers. Do I have any legal rights to stop the harassment? I have already experienced sexual discrimination, slander, libel, and defamation of character. What are my next steps? To whom should I speak?

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Supervisor Talking About My Personal Life

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about supervisor discussing my personal life to another employee:

I was bringing my supervisor something that she requested. When I knocked on her door, I could hear her talking from another office. As I got close to the other office where she was, I overheard her discussing my personal life to another employee. She stated that I was always broke and I never had any money.

She stated that I was planning on getting married, but my boyfriend was living off of me. She kept saying how she didn’t understand why I was so broke. She couldn’t believe I was getting married to the guy that I was getting married to. She doesn’t see where all of my money was going. Well after I had heard enough, I knocked on the door. My supervisor opened the door and I gave her the package that I was asked to bring to her. I walked over to her office with her, and I told her that I had heard her talking about me. She didn’t respond. I asked her why, and she strugged her shoulders as if to say she didn’t know. I said OK and walked away. What should I do about this situation? Is this slander?

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3rd Job, 3rd Scandal It’s a Small World!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about scandals: I have had sex scandal after sex scandal follow me from each job.

I feel completely destroyed, violated, abused, disrespected, deceived! I could go on but what has happened is that I have had sex scandal after sex scandal follow me from each job. Somebody tells who knows somebody who knows me! The first thing that you should know is that I have only kissed 3 males in my life, at ages 16, 18-19, and 21-24. I have talked to several guys in my life, but that is it. I decided to try and have a relationship with guy 1, but it didn’t work out. He was trying to use me–he wanted sex acts performed and other things. He was abusive; so that did not work out. Guy 2 I thought was nice, but he wasn’t. Both men have told that he had sexual experiences with me. The second guy told what it didn’t like about me physically in intricate details, things that only he and I should know have found its way among many people–1st job with scandal.

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Boss Spreads Sex Rumor About Daughter!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a boss’ disclosure of an employee’s family matter: she started calling my co-workers asking them if they knew what was going on, when they said they didn’t she told them she thought it was that my daughter was caught having oral sex at school.

I had to take a couple hours off work to deal with a family situation having to do with my daughter. I told my boss she said it was fine then called me later that day asking me what it was. I told her it’s a private family matter and I rather not discuss it. Well long and behold she started calling my co-workers asking them if they knew what was going on, when they said they didn’t she told them she thought it was that my daughter was caught having oral sex at school and why else would I be so upset and why would I have to go to the school. Is this legal? This is insane that she could just do this. It is slander. Right?

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Co-worker Lies About Me!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a coworker’s lies about a former relationship with a coworker:

There is a coworker of mine (whom I used to see), and he is now seeing someone else I work with. He has told her lies about our relationship and made me out to be some sort of psycho. She has told a few coworkers that I put glass underneath his tires. This is totally false. What are the steps I need to take to resolve this issue? I see this as a defamation of character.

Signed, Lies About Me

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Manager Discusses Private Matters In Public!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about  a manager’s lack of maintaining  medical information confidential:

I have a problem with my manager who ‘forgets’ about confidential matters such as medical conditions. She discusses private medical matters with me in front of other work colleagues in a small team. We also live in a smaller rural town, so confidentiality is critical to maintain one’s privacy. I have pointedly moved into her office to discuss medical matters, but she still has a habit of talking with me in front of colleagues, at times in front of clients. How can I speak to her about this and what happens if she continues to ignore confidentiality? Thank you

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Just Married And A Flirt Lied About Us!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about  starting a false rumor:

My husband and I met at work a few years ago and were just married in August. In our office, there is a young lady who is very flirtatious with all the guys, including my husband. She has even accused a few guys of sexual harassment and eventually admitted that they were not true.

Then shortly after our wedding, one of the managers came into my office to talk to me about something that this lady had told her. She told her and a few other managers that my husband and I dropped my stepson off in front of someone’s house and left him standing outside their door and drove off to go to our wedding. This is a blatant lie. My stepson was the ring bearer in our wedding and we would never leave him anywhere unattended. Then we had to go out of our way to clear this up with management.

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Workplace Policy About Gossip?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about forming a policy about gossip:

I recently started a new job, and as one of my first assignments, my superiors want to update company policy to include gossip. I read some of your articles on this and they were helpful, but I’m still unsure of how to word this. Could you give me some assistance with this, maybe some sites that could do so.

Signed, Gossip Advice

Dear Gossip Advice:

Did you supervisors give you any goals for adding new policies on gossip? That would provide a critical framework to help you to create the policy guidelines. If not, I can offer some common reasons why gossip is problematic in a workplace environment.

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How Do You Stop Gossip?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about the problem of gossip:

I have had a bad weekend thinking about the gossip problem in the place I am working for as a HR Manager. The Director and several high executive level “enjoy” the gossip chain. All of them have an “employee” who is the person who brings the rumors to them. Some of these rumors are bringing more Labor Relations cases to my desk. I have to include my HR assistant in this group who is one of those employees who has the privilege to sit down with one of the Director with all the rumors from different departments. I would like to use an example, or a good article and handout it to all of them. I create a HR Weekly Newsletter only for Directors, Managers and Supervisors in order to update them with the new HR laws and issues. I do not have the information about the Gossip, but I believe in this place exists a Gossip Chain. What I can do to stop it? Thank you very much for your advise in this matter.

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