Can Music Be A Motivator?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about music’s benefits:

We have listened to music in our workplace for many years and it helps to drown out background noises that are annoyingly loud. Recently, we had a consultant come in and she has suggested that we need to not have music because we need to be concentrating on our jobs and not listening to music. Management is thinking about doing this, but we all feel this will lead to low morale, increased tension and overall chaos. Can you help me find some studies to help in proving music is a good thing in the workplace? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Forced To Listen To Loud Music

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about loud music:

I have seen several questions dealing with people who want to listen to music in the workplace. I am stuck on the other end of that question. Two of the ladies in my office want to listen to the radio while they work. One of them says it makes her talk less–that definitely isn’t true! As a working Supervisor, I have to do some management functions and also some very difficult dicta typing. I can’t even hear myself think because of the music and talk programs on the radio. Due to space constraints, the best location I can get is on the opposite side of the office from the radio, with a small divider but no walls; the divider does nothing to block the noise. A couple of other (less-powerful) ladies in the office also dislike the radio, but their supervisor likes it, so she and the two (more-powerful) radio-players want it left as is.

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When Music Is Noise!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about noise:

I work at a large manufacturing facility. Many of the workers have radios at their stations. It seems that everyone prefers her/his own station. This results in a hodge-podge of noise. Our supervisor has threatened to ban radios all together. Our workers must be alert to voices so headphones are out. Please advise. Thanks so much



Dear EarsAPoppin:

I’m very biased on this subject. I do not believe that radios should be placed at the individual workstations. The company may wish to install a music system that plays soft, light music throughout the work place. If the hodge-podge of “noise” created by all the different radios is bothering you, it’s probably bothering others as well. I suggest you speak to the supervisor about eliminating the radios and go to company-wide music system (which could be used as an intercom system for announcements, etc.) Best of luck. Gerald Allen, Guest Respondent with HR experience. The Workplace Doctors Consideration of others is the base rock of organization ethics. It is thinking WEGO.

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I Am Ear-Sensitive!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about sensitive ears:

I sympathize with “thrown to the wolves” under your column of noise in the workplace. I, too, have the same exact problem. Your answer to her did not carry it all the way out. In my case I have people playing radios all around me. I asked to be moved and all I got for my efforts was being told: I need to get my ears check to see if an accommodation can be made (as if I’m the one with a disability), also told that the people will be told to confine the noise to their desk and also that the supervisors will make the decision on whether I still hear the radios – if they don’t then oh-well!

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My Work Area Is Too Cold!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about temperature:

I’ve been at a new office job for approximately 9 months. I work in a government office next to the room that houses our company’s computer server. The air conditioner feeds both my office and the server room so they want to keep it at 62-68 degrees everyday. That’s just too cold for me! I have a space heater at my feet, but my upper body and hands are freezing, and my feet & legs are burning up.There is room across the hall, in another office, to move the three people in our office but the head boss doesn’t think the cold is that big a deal. This environment is becoming unbearable – what can I do? The extreme cold is also affecting my osteoarthritis. I hurt!

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How Do I Shut Up A Loud Co-worker?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about loud coworker:

I’m looking for advice on handling a distracting coworker. I’m a consultant, not an employee, so my complaint options seem somewhat limited. I work in Information Technology, in a high-walled cubicle environment. We cannot see our coworkers, but can hear them if the volume is loud enough. There is a really loud guy here, and he becomes louder when he gets on the phone, which is frequently. He spends 1 – 3 hours a day on the phone conducting personal business, much of which is extremely personal. He also will visit the woman in the cube behind mine daily, usually for 20 – 30 minutes, again discussing topics of an intense personal nature. I’m unwillingly informed on his every health detail, his kid’s problems with the Social Services department, sexual functionality issues, the nature and times of his fiancée’s menstrual cycle – the list is endless.

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