Should She Be Fired?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a partner false accusation:

I have a new partner in my meter reading job. I have just recently found out she told our boss that I was going through another co-worker’s desk. I requested a polygraph, but that declined because my boss and the city manager did not believe the allegations. My boss wants me to try and work with her and forgive her for the sake that I am a better person and older and wiser. I have to work with her side by side and I do not want to anymore. I am not a troublemaker and I am deeply hurt. I have taken this young girl under my wing and tried to be a mentor to her, and she has lied and said something awful about me. I know it’s not true, my boss knows it’s not true, and other employees that were questioned know it’s not true. How do I request that since she is on probation that she be dismissed. There is no question I feel like I am working in a hostile environment.

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My Company Has Stolen My Bonus!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about changing bonus rules:

The owner of my company has literally stolen money from his employees. I work for a small telecom-related business. The owner/president of the company had established a program whereby employees would get paid an hourly rate, plus a monthly “guaranteed bonus”, the amount of which depended on which department you worked in, and how well the company did that month. My “guaranteed bonus” was between $1000 & $2000/month, with $1000 being the minimum amount I would receive every month. The key aspect of this is that the “guaranteed bonus” was not paid in the same month it was earned.

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Accusations of Drug Abuse?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about accused of drug use:

Just this morning at my workplace, which is a company within Corporate America, I was pulled aside by my supervisor and her supervisor. I was told that we need to call somebody within the Special Investigations Unit for our company and that there has been an ongoing investigation about me. The complaint against me was that I am using drugs and/or Alcohol at the workplace. This is completely untrue and I am having a hard time figuring out where these complaints are coming from. Due to confidentiality I am unable to find out who this is from; all I know is that it is from 1 person, not sure if its a female or male.

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Boss’ Wife Steals My Commission!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about commission problem:

I sell advertising for nine magazines for various performing art venues in the Twin Cities. There are two of us who sell the ads. My co-worker is married to my boss. We work straight commission. I have been with the company for over 9 years – in this division for four, and I am starting to lose it. Although I know it isn’t illegal to have your boss married to your co-worker, at what point does it become harassment?

Here’s my dilemma: She represents all of the organizations we work for–we independently work for–so when people call the organizations and ask about advertising, they tell people to call her. So she not only gets all of the advertising from the actual venues themselves – she gets all of the “up” calls. She has all of the major accounts and all of the incoming prospects. I, on the other hand, must cold call clients constantly.

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Trying To Run We Old -Timers Off?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being pushed out:

Help! Harassing Management, Unreasonable Policy Changes, De-motivating, Under Achieving, Uneducated, Ineptitude, Motivated by Greed. I could go on, but a survey of the entire employee group would tell the true story. Many of us have been there for 6 to 10 years and I believe they are trying to run us off. New Attendance Policy as of Jan 1 this year not in Hand Book yet. However, they are going back to last year and occurring absents if you used your 48 hrs. of sick and your 1st day of sick was Feb 5th, then you cannot be sick until that date. If you are sick on Feb 2nd, you are put on Probation for 1 year. Our Benefits are 48 hours of sick per year. 2 weeks of vacation as accrued. But I have been sick this year with the flu on Feb 2nd and I missed 1 day. Went to the Doctor; was put on Prednisone 14 days. I was put on Probation, which means no promotions and possible termination.

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My Client Was Deceived!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about New Zealand labor policies:

As an avid reader of your site, comparing the problems you exemplify with employment relationship problems here in New Zealand, I am interested in your views on a situation I have dealt with as a Lay Advocate. My client saw a very attractive advertisement for a position as a Contracts Manager with a company boasting 17 years experience, market leadership, advanced technology, employee benefits and profit share possibilities. The business deals in short term contracts quite often being a case of quote, acceptance, deposit paid, completion and payment, in 3 days. There was even an opportunity, for my client, to earn extra money as an agent doing sales for commission. I will use the pseudonym “Bloggs Ltd” (BL) because the matter has been settled confidentially, by mediation.When my client received his employment agreement it was under the heading Bloggs Management Ltd (BML).

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Told To Sign Letter Of Insubordination!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being bullied:

I believe I am being bullied, if not harassed by my department manager. I was selected, by the senior engineer in a different department (engineering) to attend an engineering class out of town to enhance my ability to address engineering issues for my company. My dept manager initially told me I could go, along with my direct supervisor and another engineer, but that he (dept mgr) did not want to pay for it. When his boss approved the $ for me to attend, my dept mgr. remarked that he didn’t know if both my direct supervisor and I could be off at the same time. I replied to him that our staffing levels for the week of the class were sufficient so as to not disrupt operations. He replied by stating that he would look into it. I understood that based on his response, he would decide whether or not I could go and communicate that with all affected parties. He then took a weeks vacation, during that time, my direct supervisor, the senior engineer and the my dept manager’s boss all told me I could go to this class. The engineer signed me up for the class and my supervisor gave me the expense forms to fill out. When my dept manager returned, he ordered me to cancel my class and acted outraged that I would sign up for this without his permission. I cancelled the class and my travel plans.The week after the class took place, (my supervisor and an engineer attended) my dept manager gave me a letter to sign that stated I signed up for this class with total disregard for his orders and that my behavior amounted to insubordination. I have copies of emails that support my claim that not only did I not sign up for this class, but that I was permitted to attend upon receiving approval from my dept. manager’s boss. The dept. manager has a history of using his position as a means to bully and intimidate subordinates and co-workers. I am not a problem employee or poor performer. The reason I was asked to attend this training session was due to my job performance during my time employed for this company. I have received the best performance review by two separate supervisors two years in a row.

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Accused Of Stealing, But Was Set Up!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about accusation of theft:

I do not see eye-to-eye with my boss and we have clashed over several issues that are work related. I work in a retail wireless communication store and my boss recently handled a transaction for a telephone and case I was purchasing with a store credit I had. She was to “ring up” the phone and case and let me know if I owed any additional money from the credit I received. The next day when I went into work, she asked me if I had paid for the case. I told her I thought it had been rung up with the phone since she was the one who was to handle this transaction. I offered to pay for the case if she insisted it wasn’t included in the original transaction. She said she would get back to me.

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Accused Of Unethical Action!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about hostile environment:

I am a manager who feels that my account director is actively pursuing a hostile work place strategy designed to force or eliminate managers from the account so as to replace them with lesser-paid supervisors. I have been on this account for 4 years, and in the last 3 we have had 99% employee retention. Eight months ago there was a change in the account director position. The new director came in identifying himself as a fire fighter. He comes to accounts to straighten them out. He also brought in his previous area operations manager from outside the company, not giving fair consideration to qualified internal candidates for this position.Since his arrival there have been 8 managers leave the account. Four were terminated or Reduction in Force, 3 quit on there own accord due to the feeling of being forced out (this is what I was told by them) and 1 is going through chemo currently. His position was posted at the lesser supervisor description 2 weeks after his FMLA protection expired. During this period the director and the area ops manager have been not communicated or have had limited communication with he site managers. They have never been to my site, and I have gone months without any interaction with either. Along with this, there have been routine announcements of organizational changes within the account.

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My Boss Is Stealing; Should I Speak Up?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about boss stealing:

My boss and other supervisors are stealing from the company that we work for. I have no way to really prove it, but we are talking big money–enough to buy new cars, go on cruises, and buying new tanning beds. I would say safely in the thousands of dollars. When just a few weeks ago they were having money problems one even said he was four months behind on a house payment. Since I have no proof, shouldn’t I really just keep me mouth shut?

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