My Boss Is Stealing; Should I Speak Up?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about boss stealing:

My boss and other supervisors are stealing from the company that we work for. I have no way to really prove it, but we are talking big money–enough to buy new cars, go on cruises, and buying new tanning beds. I would say safely in the thousands of dollars. When just a few weeks ago they were having money problems one even said he was four months behind on a house payment. Since I have no proof, shouldn’t I really just keep me mouth shut?

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Fellow Supervisor Spread Rumors I Am On Drugs!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about accused of drug use:

I am a supervisor, and a fellow supervisor has been spreading rumors that I am on drugs. She is jealous of my position and believes I have taken her position. Then rumors are getting out of control what can I do?

Signed, Subject to Slander

Dear Subject to Slander:

You do not say the type of size of your organization, but if there are two supervisors you both likely have a manager. This is an issue that management should be involved with as well. As I will mention later, this is apparently only one part of a much more complex problem. Also, ask yourself why she would be able to even suggest such as thing as drug use on your part. That is not something that is usually made-up without any indications. Among the reasons people accuse someone of drug use are: Absences, strange behavior, unfocused behavior, poor work, loss of control emotionally, over-talking or depression, lack of care about personal appearance, unusual actions such as going to the car often or meeting people outside the building, physical reactions such as shaking sniffing, coughing or scratching and moodiness–especially going from very cheerful to very quiet in a few hours, repeatedly. If you have situations that are causing some of those behaviors it could be that she is not the only one who thinks you are using drugs!

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I’m Pregnant In A Workplace With Toxic Mold!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about worry because of toxic work environment:

We have been having a mold problem at work for months now. The results came back that it is toxic mold. I am into my eighth month of pregnancy. How will this affect my unborn baby? I haven’t had any complications thus far but I am concerned of the baby’s health once he is born

Signed, Pregnant

Dear Pregnant:

I would have to know what kind of mold it is that you are being subjected to. Yes, some molds are toxic, but if everything is going all right now, I wouldn’t think you are in danger. Babies in the uterus are so very well protected from the environment. You are far more apt to affect the baby if you smoke or drink alcohol. Even second hand smoke is probably more toxic than the mold. You must check with your doctor. You are right to think of your baby. That is the beginning of thinking WEGO. –DR ED

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Written Up. Told Not To Talk To The Boss About It!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about write up with condition not to talk about it with the boss:

We have a new personnel manager in the office I work at; mind you this office has never had a manager in the past. She had confronted me about an incident that I agree that should have been handled in a different manner, but then went on to add in her own words and wrote me up the next day without talking to my bosses. I told her I wanted to talk to my boss about the situation and she told me I would be dismissed if I did so. Is it OK for her to write me up without the other bosses knowing? And I didn’t get a verbal warning first and I’ve been in the medical field for 15 years with no incidents, help!

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Takes Credit for My Work!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about coworker failing to give credit:

I have been working for the last 2 years in a small company and it has only been recently than I started realizing what is happening. I am very good at a new technology in use, and there is a coworker who is more experienced than me, and whom I have helped out a number of times with problems.I have started noticing that she takes my help and immediately after that goes to the manager and presents the solution as if she has come up with it. When she helps me, I always make sure that I mention her name and that she helped me solve it. But she never does. If I point out some bug that she made, she gets really mad and brushes it aside. As a result, the manager thinks she is more qualified and keeps praising her every single time, and me and another 2 co workers never get any acknowledgement, leave alone praise.I am so angry that I have started limiting my conversations with her. She is capable and qualified, but my thought process is, if she is getting the praise, let her work for it, I am not going to help her. Is my attitude right, or should I tackle this some other way? Thanks. “When there is a hill to climb, waiting will not make it smaller”

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My Boss Reports Wrong Numbers!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about boss misreporting numbers:

I work for a pretty big corporation, and we were to told to report numbers that were simple inaccurate. Our supervisor approached us and explained us what the department expectations were, but we the employees expressed our concerns and disagreed. However, we are in the process of transitioning some of our functions to another group that do what the department expectations are. I know that the numbers are also provided to the Executive VPs for measurements for departments, and of course the department that is reporting these numbers are getting most of the work transitioned to them since they are producing the numbers upper management wants to see. I have seen their queries and reports and know that the data is incorrect.

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I Was Caught Snooping!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about snooping:

I am so embarrassed. I have been getting along well with a co-worker, but recently her computer was left on and she was nowhere to be seen. I don’t know what came over me. I started checking her mail and she caught me red handed. She knows I was snooping, and I apologized profusely, but I feel so badly. It was a single moment of weakness, and I had no plans of doing it. It was a spur of the moment thing. How am I supposed to make this relationship not deteriorate? She said it was ok, but I could tell she was angry. What am I supposed to? I wish I had never done it. Please help.

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Hired One Who Didn’t Disclose She Was Pregnant!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about failure to say she was pregnant:

Candidate did not mention that she was pregnant until after she was hired. Her responsibilities were to take over for the manager on maternity leave. If she cannot fulfill these duties, how do we prevent discrimination accusations?

Signed, Problems Ahead

Dear Problems Ahead:

Did you inform the candidate that she was a temporary replacement for a manager on maternity leave? Secondly, if she is a “temp”, did you inform her how long the position would last? Third, did you ask her if there was anything that would prevent her from performing the assigned tasks during this period? These are just some of the questions that must be answered before advice can be given. Please provide what both parties in the hiring process said.Reply: She was hired for a full-time manager trainee position; the replacement assignment was to be a possibility. Regarding the ability to perform tasks, I realized that we don’t address that on our application. I don’t think it was mentioned. The district manager that hired her had high hopes for her (fast track), and spoke with her about this during the interview. He sees problems ahead…I feel that we should proceed as though we hired a new employee who then became pregnant. His complaint was that during the interview, this candidate was going to be totally available to ease the workload. I realize that he is worrying prematurely, but we want to avoid her getting some sort of “free ride.” Signed, Problems Ahead More Advice:

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Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about written reprimand:

On June 9 this year, I received a written, via e-mail, reprimand from the office manager in which she admonished me to comply with the firm’s procedure in the presence of another employee. For clarification, the e-mail was addressed to me and another employee; both of us have similarly-situated jobs as legal secretaries. To give you a little background: I’ve filed two grievances against this office manager during my five and a half tenure with this firm. The other employee has only been with the firm for two years. I’m currently in good standings with this firm, and the office manager has consistently abused her power in a retaliatory manner to get back at me and has created a hostile work environment by placing me under heightened, unwarranted scrutiny. I’ve attached the office manager’s e-mail below for your perusal. My point is that any reference to compliance of firm procedure should have been done in private and not in the presence of another employee.

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Slandered By Former Employer???

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about not being hired because of bad remarks of a former boss:

Recently, my manager excused me from my small, part-time job. Although it was very sudden, she was nice about it and professional, explaining that ‘it wasn’t working out’. I took it gracefully and moved on. I put in an application for a job I was more than qualified for, with my ex-employer and her company as the last place I worked. I was basically guaranteed the job. But I did not receive a follow-up phone call, and I was worried. A friend of mine, who works as an assistant manager at a local store, called my ex-employer, questioning her about my position there; how long I worked at her company and all of the usual questions that go along with hiring.

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