Want Meaningful Work

Ask the Workplace Doctors about wanting a job you love, or ….

I recently started a new position where I deliver and sell a product within a territory. So far I mostly like the job for several reasons including the product is one I enjoy selling and delivering, I am getting to explore cool towns and areas, I am meeting some nice people, and the owners/bosses don’t micromanage. There are parts of the job and company culture which I don’t love, but overall this job feels like a good fit right now. I am, however, worried that this line of work may not be one I want to do for long because I would prefer to do a job where the work feels more meaningful. How invested do I become in my current work? Should I try to find meaning in it or in other parts of my life? Should work be the root of our meaning?

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Displeased With Disrespect of Boyfriend’s Manager

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about her boyfriend being called insulting names:

My boyfriend’s boss’ daughter is completely unprofessional, disrespectful, and calls him names. What can he do about this? She seems to have some kind of vendetta against him and does not act accordingly as she should as a manager calling him obscene names like bitch on a text message. 

Signed –Displeased with Disrespectful Talk

Dear Displeased with Disrespectful Talk, I sent you a note complimenting you for being displeased with abusive name-calling of someone–either your boyfriend or this daughter’s father. Therefore, I requested more details about the size of the workplace and instances of the insulting situation and what prompted calling him a bitch or other names.

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Should I Sign A Vaccine Exemption Form That Concerns Me?

Question: (See the follow-up communication after the response. ) I am in the process of doing my medical and religious exemption forms which were provided by my employers. The statement at the end of each form is causing me grief, as I do not agree with the way it is phrased and that the process described makes the requirements seem innocuous and benign, which they are not. So, regardless if I refuse to sign or not their policies will be exercised.

How do I refuse to sign, based on my disagreements so they understand that I have valid reasons and is not a willful disregard for their policies?

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Fired But Wife’s Still Working Where She Had An Affair

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a complicated situation:

I was terminated in Sept of 2018 by a major fortune 100 employer. The director of my department had been in a long term affair with my wife. Who also worked and still works for the company. When I was confronted by my wife’s BF, I objected to the affair and resulting harassment. I was then fired. Then in addition I was blacklisted using the PADS nuclear security access system. Is my issue more title VII or slander or harassment? or what other civil or criminal laws apply? Thank you. Signed Fired Because

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Should I Report My Husband’s Emotional Affair With A Colleague?

My husband has been in at least an emotional affair with a high up HR individual (not completely sure of her title, but I believe she is the HR Director) of the company. He is the Director of Operations at the same company. I am not sure if my husband and I are going to make it through all of this. In an attempt to save our marriage, he has confronted her about his emotional connection to her and the need for some distance.

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Happy Birthday, You are Older

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about posting Birthdays.

Is there a form that I can have each employee sign giving permission for our Company to post their Birthday? Just a simple form that the employee can sign for the Company to post their Birthday on a  Company-Wide Calendar. I know some companies refuse to post Birthdays and some have a permission form.  We would like to request a form if at all possible. –Signed Permission for a Happy Birthday

Dear Permission for a Happy Birthday:

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Texted Criticism of Bosses

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about disclosure of texted criticism of bosses:

I recently vented to my longtime friend and coworker via our personal phones, about my unhappiness with my work situation and made comments about my bosses out of frustration. She then told HR that I was unhappy, they asked what I said and asked to see the text messages (without my consent or knowledge prior). Now I’m being told that my texts were considered harassment and go against company guidelines since they were sent during company hours (we are working remotely, so they were not sent while on the property, and again on non-work devices).

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What should be written in response to a verbal warning, acknowledging I received it?  Signed –Warned  

Dear Warned,

If the warning was written, sign your name that you received it. And if you think the warning was correct, apologize and promise to do your best to not allow it to happen again. If you feel it was not your fault, explain briefly why. Describe what happened prior to the incident for which you were blamed. Perhaps ask for specific instructions, more training or advice on how to avoid being blamed.   Whatever the warning, it’s wise to commit yourself to doing good work and to working cooperatively with your workgroup.

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Black Listed by Former Boss

Question to Ask the Workplace about what a former boss said.

I do truly believe that I am being blackballed by an old boss from about ten years ago. I left for several reasons but mostly tired of working 12 hour days(salary position) and $$ issues. My salary was a direct line item expense for my boss. I had been promised after one year I would receive a raise. Company mergers and I was given a two year contract of course at my starting salary. (If I was a terrible employee she could have used the merger as an excuse to get rid of me but didn’t) The new company HR messed up and mailed me both my and my bosses contract. Well turns out the boss is in the 98th salary percentile while I’m in less than 25 percentile.

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Warehouse Warning Because Of My National Origin?

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a warning: I am working in a Warehouse. And one day I finished my work early and I tried to book half a day off. The team leader said okay. After 1 hour the team leader comes to tell me that I can’t go home cause I need to go to another building and work there when I had booked my half day already. Now they will give a warning but I don’t see it as fair.

I have colleagues that are taking sick days every week for 4-5 months and nothing happens to them. I am thinking it is because I am of a different nationality and it is easier to make me do something that others don’t want to do. Could you please advise if I should say something In my meeting or just agree with what they say.

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