VP Level Boss Violates Corp Policies

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about suing boss:

My boss has blatantly violated corporate policies regarding pay for performance reviews, equitable treatment and our ethics policies. Can I sue the organization for allowing this type of behavior if this resulted in unfair treatment and a loss of wages to me? Would these policies be a contract between the employer and myself and is the employer liable for not taking action if these policies are violated?

Signed, Unfairly Treated

Dear Unfairly Treated:

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Low Rating Low Morale

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a new rating system:

I work in a place where the morale is the lowest it has been for at least two decades. Management has recently adopted a new evaluation system that basically down-rates most of employees to a middling (mediocre) rating for which the system basically allows no escape. (We are told that this is how good evaluation systems work and that most employees should be happy with a rating of 3 on a scale of 1-5 (2 means you lose your job)). Another element of this is that we are a very intelligent group of employees with advanced degrees.

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Can My Boss Broadcast How We Are Rated?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about disclosing evaluations:

The company I’ve been employed at is struggling over some product quality evaluations from our company president. An executive singled out some managers to tell them how disappointed he was with their efforts. He went so far as to establish an effort rating. He then sent those personal ratings out via e-mail to the managers and the plant manager. Is this legal?

Signed, Don’t Like It

Dear Don’t Like It:

Our site does not answer legal questions, but I don’t think your question is really legal. I imagine you are one of those managers who has been singled out and been given a less than stellar rating, and you don’t like that to have been announced any more that teenagers, whose grades are not Bs and As, would like to find them posted on hall walls. And you have a right to ask if this is legal, ethical, and good management practice.

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Unfair Appraisal And Bullying In The Office.

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about low performance appraisal:

I returned from a year’s maternity leave seven months ago. I just had a performance appraisal and it has upset and disgusted me. I am a very hard worker, well mannered and try to help colleagues to the best of my ability, but have found myself in a situation where I feel I am being mildly bullied.

During my appraisal with my supervisor today, I found I was marked unsatisfactory in the areas of attitude about work and work performance. This shocked me because I feel I am good in both these areas and have never been told any different. What shocked me more than anything was that my supervisor is rarely in the office and she said the appraisal reflected what she has heard from other people.

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How Do You Do An Effective Evaluation?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being asked to rate the boss:

This is the third time I have written to you. I find your advice of a great value. Even if I have not always strictly followed it, it has made me think and organize my ideas much better. Now I would like to tell you how the story went and ask you for some hint. Below I quote my first message and your answer. My supervisor is a nightmare as I already explained. In the second one I expressed concerns on some of his decisions not meeting company guidelines. As a result, finally last end of November each member of the team has spoken to our supervisor’s manager. We did that separately, and since the situation had only gone worse.

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Shocked By Bad Report Of My Work!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about low evaluation:

I was recently hired at a technology company that specializes in outsourcing people to client sites. Everything is going great within the company and my role is reported to various senior managers and company founders. I was assigned an important role within the organization that is visible and effects the reputation of many people. Having said that, the company initiated a first project at a client site, and I participated in the learning process. I met with senior managers of the client and everything was going very well until I actually began working with the lower chain of employees. In front of me they were cheerful, and we seemed to get along great. The work was going on for about a month, and I have completed my task in its entirety. After the task was completed, I contacted various people who are involved at the client site to make sure things are ok and if there are any problems. I received no reply.

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Glowing Review With Suggestions For Improvement!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about serious criticism:

I had my annual review this week by a boss to whom I started reporting to only a few months ago. In general, I have feel he’s a good manager. The draft of the review that my boss sent me was glowingly positive. However, it also contained the following section: ~~~ Areas for Improvement – Choose words and actions carefully when stressed, upset, or emotional. – On occasion, you have let some stress that you were feeling spill over to affect the working atmosphere for coworkers. While this is difficult to prevent in times of stress, it should be minimized. – Be diplomatic, even in routine interactions with colleagues. – Recognize and accept limitations placed on co-workers. ~~~ I was completely shocked and dismayed.

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Incorrect Performance Reviews!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about inaccurate reviews:

I would like to know some common problems that may make a performance review inaccurate on the behalf of the management.

Signed, Common Problems

Dear Common Problems:

Inaccuracies? They fall on both sides of positive and negative, and they occur because it is difficult for a manager to really know what has transpired to cause performance to be good or bad. Often individual performance hinges on others if the individual is competent in skills needed and responsible in regard to attendance. Most managers tend to rate performance higher than average because they do not want to be disliked and because they know that low scores dishearten those they manage. Confronting poor performance is not pleasant because few people like to be disliked. On the other hand, bully managers take pleasure in managing by fear and threats of punishment.

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Don’t Do Performance Reviews!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about getting managers to do performance reviews:

I am a Human Resource manager and I have trouble getting managers to complete performance evaluations. Every year I try new initiatives: I wrote memo’s on the importance of the employee evaluation, defined the process, sent articles, had conversations with managers-explaining the objective, and yet I have managers who refuse to compete reviews. We even have a company policy regarding this; however, they manage to stay under the radar. The result is I have employees who are hurt and angry and think it is not fair, as some people have review while others don’t! Do you have any ideas as to how we can convince these managers to participate in the program?

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Evaluation–All As and One B

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a difficult coworker.                                         :

I was recently given my evaluation where I received all A’s except for 1 B. (A being the highest and D the lowest). My work product and performance are excellent according to the attorney I work for. The problem was the B where there is this one coworker on our team that I don’t get along with because she refuses to be trained (although everyone else has) and asks me to do the things that she refuses to be trained on. She always does this via email and has gone to my immediate supervisor to say that I am unapproachable. Any advice?

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