My Resume after Being Fired?

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about what should be included in one’s resume after being fired:

My last employer terminated me from my non-permanent job after four months. They would not let me transfer to another unit or ward or shift. The place had a reputation for being hostile. Now they are blackballing me. My physician advised deleting them from my resume, but I gained valuable experience. What should I say when applying for another job? Admit to the firing and explain why? Or just erase that from resume and my life forever. It was a horrible experience and I am still in shock.

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I’m in an at-will state, and as a non-permanent employee, I was terminated with no reason (after months of bullying and harassment). Then I had an interview schedule in another section (different boss, different clients), and HR called to rescind the interview. No reason. No one will talk to me. I’m over 68 years old. Any recourse?

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Terminated Without Proper Investigation

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about terminated without proper investigation:

I joined a large company last June to head a large technical team. The person leaving my position went to another area of business, probably out of frustration. I wanted to start new and brought in fresh ideas and equitable work distribution. Some of the folks apparently did not like this as they were used to taking it easy.

One of those employees – usually a good worker – did not like one scope of an improvement sentence in his mid-year review. So he went and complained of frivolous things (and untrue of course) to HR in Feb. this year. HR apparently did not take it seriously. Then he rallied a few of his peers (that also reported to me) since they come from same region in Asia. They added their backing to this employee. HR started an investigation. HR however would not reveal who complained (as expected).
One of my employees was a low performer. However, when I knew that she was pregnant, I rated her as “Satisfactory” for year-end review. During calibration for the year end across our group, my manager and my peers raised an objection and wanted her to be marked as a poor performer. The HR representative in the call also agreed that she could be marked as low since she is not on maternity leave yet and her evaluation was for a time before her absence. So, I agreed with the team to mark her as low.

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My Employer’s Forcing Me To Quit

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about recently hired employees being given preference:
My employer is wrongful forcing me to quit. I work for a unionized construction company. I’ve been with my job for ten years now. The job consists of pouring concrete slabs and all aspects of concrete for commercial warehouses and stores. For the last 9 years, I have made saw cuts into the concrete slab to prevent it from uncontrolled cracking.

In the past year, they fired my co-worker by forcing him to quit, the same way they are treating me. I’m worried I’m next on their list. Employer hired two new employees for my position as a second crew, but slowly as work slowed down , I’ve been getting less shifts as the new employees would get the call for work before they would call me.

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Fired For A Thoughtful Gesture

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about correcting an associate:
I was terminated for tapping “very lightly” on the side of an associate’s head, while correcting her. I was reprimanding an associated for damaging company property, and she told me it was faster to dump the product on the work table. I told her she just thought it was faster and while saying the word “thought”, I tapped her on the side of the head ever so lightly.

This is an employee that I had hired and thought our relationship was evidently better than it was. I did not know she was going to get upset, she did not show she was upset while I was talking with her.
Signed Lost Job

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Almost Got Fired

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a mistake that could have gotten resulted in being fired:
My job requires me to run background checks all day on potential employees for the company around the United States. On my lunch hour, I had used my work computer to make a payment for my spouse. It was a court payment that required me to pull up his citation which was a felony. I had taken a picture of it and sent it to my spouse. Accidentally I sent it to a coworker instead. The coworker then shared the picture with my boss, and my boss had said I was taking pictures of people’s backgrounds. I explained that it was a personal and not a background check on anything company related. I apologized that I used the work computer, but said I could prove it was my spouse’s citation and charges.

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Accusation of Taking A Photo Escalated To Write-Up and Firing

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being fired:
I was fired for taking a photo that I didn’t take, wouldn’t sign a write up, and I was deemed insubordinate.
I went in early to my job to inquire about some hours for which I hadn’t received pay on for a few months. I had been inquiring on these hours for some time now. The lady to whom I spoke was very rude when I asked her about the information. She told me I would have to come back around 4 p.m. when the next person in charge would be here and would have the answers.

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Not A Doctor But On Call Like It Or Not

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being treated like an all-around any time servant
What should I do? I work in Tennessee which is an AT WILL STATE! I’m the safety attendant at my job and my manager has me doing maintenance jobs i.e. taking out the trash and taking care of maintenance issues. These are not in my job description but it does say I am supposed to do duties as assigned by the manager! I was unaware until I was needed at another property and was told half the jobs I did were not my place to do!

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Can My Husband Be Fired for Having An Affair at Work (And Should I Tell?)

A question to the Workplace Doctors about reporting a husband
who is having an affair at work. 


Question: My husband is the president of a company and has recently started an affair with one of his direct report managers. He is denying it but I have evidence- it’s been going on 7 weeks.

He has managed to negotiate a $12K pay rise for her literally 2 weeks after they first slept together. This was backed up all the way by my husband- even going over the head of the HR manager to get them to offer his mistress more money. I am really thinking of contacting HR and my husband’s bosses (who own the company) to tell them what’s going on. I think it’s bad enough having a relationship like this but adding in the salary increase is dishonest. He might get a pay out or he might not…but I want him to lose his job as I feel it’s the only chance we have of saving our marriage of 14 years and our family of 3 young sons.

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Resignation Soon After a Business Trip

A question to the Workplace Doctors:  How can I give my resignation soon after an expensive business trip? 


Hello! I’ve been thinking and saving up so I can leave my job and move to another city at the end of this year. I’m very close to my goal amount, and I’ve been planning for this for a while now.

This month I was chosen to join a business presentation and to attend trade shows for a week in our head office in Japan, and everything was charged to the company. I had no choice but to go, and needless to say the trip didn’t really made me change my mind about resigning at the end of the year – it even made work stressful when I got back.

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